Introduce Locum Tenens Physicians to our Medical Staffing Network—and Earn up to $1000

If you have friends or colleagues who would make a good match for our premier locum tenens staffing network, just let us know. We are always looking for physicians in all specialties, including general dentists, physician assistants, CRNAs, and nurse practitioners.

We offer $1,000 for introductions to physicians, and $500 for introductions to general dentists, physician assistants, CRNAs, and nurse practitioners who work 20 or more days with Staff Care.

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Introduction Program Rules

  • Introductions must be submitted online via the introduction form above. The form can be completed and submitted by you, the candidate, or a Staff Care employee.
  • To be eligible for the introduction award, the candidate must be a fresh contact for Staff Care (i.e. has not been actively recruited by Staff Care within the last two years).
  • If you are a current locum tenens with Staff Care, make sure we have your correct contact information so we can reward you for your introductions. If you are not a current locum tenens with Staff Care, make sure you or the candidate submit your complete personal contact information so we know how to reach you.
  • When providing an introduction, no stipulations as to where a candidate must work are allowed.
  • To qualify for the introduction bonus, the name and contact information for both you and the candidate needs to be included on the candidate’s application or the introduction form.
  • You will earn an award for each healthcare professional you introduce to us who works 20 days or more on assignment with Staff Care and who meets all contract requirements during those days worked. Note: the 20 days worked can be worked over multiple assignments as long as the 20th day worked is completed within one year of the date of introduction.
  • In a case of "reciprocal introductions" (two new candidates applying and introducing each other to Staff Care), only one introduction award will be paid, to be split between the parties.
  • Staff Care and Merritt Hawkins & Associates employees are not eligible to participate. Employees of any other AMN Healthcare company are eligible.
  • If you know physicians, general dentists, physician assistants, CRNAs or nurse practitioners who might be interested in joining Staff Care’s medical staffing network, please complete the introduction form above. You can receive up to $1,000 per introduction when candidates complete 20 or more days on assignment with Staff Care.
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Our medical staffing network provides jobs and opportunities to qualified locum tenens candidates