10 Reasons to Staff Nurse Practitioners

10 Reasons to Staff Nurse Practitioners

As the industry’s leading locum tenens staffing firm, Staff Care is proud to place a growing number of temporary nurse practitioners (NPs) nationwide.

During National Nurse Practitioner Week, it’s appropriate to consider the key reasons why hospitals, medical groups, community health centers and other healthcare facilities are incorporating permanent and locum tenens NPs into their staffing plans.

These reasons include:

  1. The physician shortage. The Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) projects a deficit of 130,000 physicians by 2025. NPs are being used to fill the gaps.
  2. A growing resource. More than 11,000 new NPs complete their training every year, adding to the 155,000 NPs already in practice.*
  3. A rural resource. Eighteen percent of NPs practice in rural areas, about twice the percentage of physicians who practice in rural areas.
  4. A focus on primary care. NPs focus on primary care, where physician shortages are the most acute — 88 percent of NPs practice primary care, compared to about 33 percent of physicians.
  5. Scope of practice. Over 96 percent of NPs prescribe medications and NPs can do many of the things that physicians do. Seventeen states allow NPs to practice completely independently.
  6. Patient-centered care. With a nursing background, NPs are trained to focus on the care of the whole patient and his or her family.
  7. Team-based care. In the emerging healthcare system, care will be delivered by teams of clinicians, with NPs serving as key coordinators of care.
  8. Cost. With salaries ranging at around $100,000, NPs are a cost-effective resource of clinical talent.
  9. Patient satisfaction. NPs achieve high patient satisfaction scores, a key benefit as the health system moves from volume to value based payments.
  10. New sites of service. Retail clinics, urgent care centers, free standing emergency departments and other emerging sites of service will require the services of qualified NPs.

Working in tandem with physicians or sometimes working on their own, nurse practitioners are rapidly becoming one of the foundations of today’s clinical delivery team. It is a pleasure to acknowledge their many contributions during National Nurse Practitioner Week.

Bonnie Britton is the Senior Vice President of Sales at Staff Care, the nation’s leading locum tenens physician and advanced practitioner staffing firm and a division of AMN Healthcare (NYSE: AHS). She can be reached at bonnie.britton@amnhealthcare.com.

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* Source for this and other statistics in this article: American Academy of Nurse Practitioners.

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