4 Lifestyle Choices for Locum Tenens Physicians

4 Lifestyle Choices for Locum Tenens Physicians

There are a variety of reasons why physicians of all specialties and levels of tenure choose to work locum tenens. Flexibility, variety and the chance to earn new experience are usually at the top of that list; after all, locum tenens physicians have the chance to choose their own hours or location, as well as the opportunity to work at a pace that suits their lifestyle.

Locums positions also take into account other factors specific to each physician, such as the stage in their careers, the desire for experience, income goals, personality and schedule. In this way, locum tenens positions can be tailored to meet each physician’s individual strengths.

Read on for a sample of four common scenarios for locum tenens physicians that we’ve identified based on the many doctors and practitioners we work with nationwide.

Locums Lifestyle #1: The Moonlighter

The term “moonlighter” means to work a secondary job at off-peak hours, and many physicians welcome the opportunity to supplement their salaries or help pay off medical school debt (particularly helpful for new physicians just out of training). Locum tenens positions are usually available for all shifts, providing the chance to work outside regular office hours.

Locums Lifestyle #2: The Country Doctor

Working in rural healthcare provides its own rewards. Many locum tenens physicians find satisfaction in working in rural areas because they can help patients who might otherwise not have access to treatment. These rural facilities are often understaffed and in need of temporary help, so locum tenens physicians can make a great impact, gain valuable experience, and give back to the community, all at once.

Locums Lifestyle #3: The Weekend Warrior

The weekends are what you make of them, and for many physicians, they provide the opportunity to earn supplemental income via locum tenens work. Some locum tenens physicians work only on the weekends, which buoys their incomes since these positions generally pay more than traditional positions. This option also allows physicians to avoid spending time apart from their family members for extended periods.

Locums Lifestyle #4: The Retired Traveler

For physicians who have retired from their regular practice but still feel the call to treat patients, locum tenens positions provide flexibility and the chance to travel around the nation to different locations. Retired physicians can select where and for how long they would like to be in a specific location and continue working in their area of specialty, all the while earning income.

As retirement becomes increasingly costly in our society, working locum tenens can be an excellent option to ensure financial security for retired physicians while helping patients in healthcare facilities that may be experiencing physician shortages.

Locum tenens positions can be customized to fit your lifestyle and become a rewarding career. At Staff Care, we work with physicians to find the right opportunities across a variety of medical specialties. Contact us today to learn more about working locum tenens assignments in your area. If you’re a physician or advanced practitioner interested in seeking locum tenens opportunities, you can search available locum tenens jobs here.

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