5 Reasons for New Physicians to Work Locum Tenens Assignments in Rural Areas

5 Reasons for New Physicians to Work Locum Tenens in Rural Areas

While some locum tenens physicians have a preference for working in urban locations, others find greater reward working in less-crowded rural locations with a large physician shortage.

Especially for new physicians who have recently completed their residency or fellowship, rural locum tenens work provides a series of unique opportunities. In addition to the chance to gain valuable experience at healthcare facilities located away from the hustle and bustle of metro areas, rural locum tenens work also gives new physicians the opportunity to provide assistance to communities that may be experiencing a shortage of qualified caregivers.

But that's not all! Some other benefits of locum tenens work in rural areas include:

Rural Locums Benefit #1: New Settings, More Experience

Positions in facilities located in major metros are usually competitive, and as such, new physicians may be limited in the depth of experience they will receive. Working in rural healthcare facilities offers new physicians the chance to wear many hats and to gain experience working in a variety of specialties and with a diverse range of patients. This opportunity allows new doctors to see what specialties or areas of practice they enjoy.

Rural Locums Benefit #2: Help Many by Reaching a Few

Rural locum tenens work also offers physicians the chance to serve areas that are remote or not in easy proximity to other healthcare facilities. These positions allow doctors to meet the needs of populations that might otherwise not have access to certain types of care or would have to travel long distances to receive it. To this end, rural locum tenens work can be a greatly rewarding experience on a number of levels.

Rural Locums Benefit #3: Lower Expenses = Greater Income

Housing costs, food items, and everyday expenses are generally lower in rural areas than they are in major cities, which amounts to greater net income for rural locum tenens physicians. This benefit can be especially appealing for new physicians just out of training who may have a large amount of student loan debt and who want more disposable income to start paying off that debt.

Rural Locums Benefit #4: Give Back to the Home Community

Physicians who were raised in a small town or rural community may appreciate a chance to return home, or to a similar setting. Locum tenens work in rural positions gives these physicians the opportunity to assist a community in need. This idea of “giving back to the community” makes working rural locum tenens positions an attractive option for any locum tenens physician.

Rural Locums Benefit #5: More Time for Yourself

New physicians who work in busy metro areas often spend a lot of time commuting and dealing with other big-city hassles. In rural settings, the pace is slower and less congested, which allows physicians to have more time for themselves. As such, rural locum tenens physicians find they have more time to spend on recreation, hobbies, and relationships. This benefit is often particularly appreciated for new physicians looking to establish new lifestyles after finishing training.

Staff Care provides rural locum tenens work across a variety of specialties, from cardiology and family practice to surgery and urgent care. Locum tenens positions can range from a couple of days to several months. Interested in learning more about the ways you can enrich your career and gain valuable experience with locum tenens positions? Contact Staff Care today for more details. If you’re a physician or advanced practitioner interested in locum tenens work, you can search available locum tenens jobs here.

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