6 Tips for Working with a Locum Tenens Recruiter

6 Tips for Working with a Locum Tenens Recruiter from Staff Care

Whether you're newly out of your residency or at any other stage of your journey as a practicing physician, you may soon find yourself working with a locum tenens recruiter to find a part-time or full-time locum assignment.

The benefits of working with an established locum tenens agency are many. In addition to providing a broad variety of physician and advanced practitioner jobs across the United States, leading agencies like Staff Care offer industry expertise and service that you can depend on—through every stage of the process.

Their candidate services are also provided at no cost to you.

Yet, the most important aspect of this working arrangement will be developing a relationship with your locum recruiter. Experienced locums report that having a supportive, knowledgeable recruiter is essential to their success. They also acknowledge that practitioners must do their part to communicate well and partner with their recruiter in order to achieve their goals.

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6 Keys to Working with Locum Recruiters

The following list highlights six key factors for physicians and advanced practitioners who want to build a mutually beneficial partnership with their locum recruiter.

1. Openness. A good locum tenens recruiter isn't just concerned with your job prospects, but also with what makes you happy as a person. He or she understands that your success in the role is strongly influenced by the personal satisfaction you take with each assignment — so be open and honest when considering the prospects put before you. Plus, the more you share about your personal and professional goals, the better equipped your recruiter will be to find your ideal assignments.

2. Flexibility. Locum tenens assignments can allow you to see virtually every corner of the United States, and experience healthcare in different settings. So don’t be too narrow with your wish lists, or unwilling to listen to a different kind of opportunity. Being open to new experiences will open up more job possibilities and serve as a gateway to your professional and personal development.

3. Responsiveness. It’s important to keep the lines of communication active. If your locum recruiter leaves you a message, a prompt response will help ensure you don't miss any new opportunities, delay your start date, or otherwise prolong the placement process.

4. Selectivity. Working with multiple locum tenens agencies may seem like an effective way to maximize your exposure, but it can be counterproductive if you spread yourself too thin. Your relationship with a locum recruiter is a two-way street, so be aware of your communication responsibilities to each.

5. Recordkeeping. Providing your recruiter with updated paperwork and licenses, and tracking all of your expenses while on assignment, will help keep things running smoothly. Take advantage of any options for submitting paperwork online. For instance, the My Staff Care portal is designed to streamline the required documentation and keep you on track, both before and during your locum assignments.

6. Thoroughness. Read each contract thoroughly before accepting a new opportunity. Your locum recruiter should make sure you're equipped with malpractice insurance and travel expense coverage for your assignment, but read through each section and ask questions about anything you don't understand. Recruiters can answer most of your questions, but they should not be providing legal or tax advice.

Developing a strong relationship with your locum tenens recruiter can help ensure you'll find the best career opportunities, and be more likely to enjoy a trouble-free assignment.

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