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About Us

Locum Tenens Staffing—the Staff Care Way

At Staff Care, we realize we are only as good as the partnerships we create with both our exceptional locum tenens talent and our corporate healthcare clients. Since 1991, we have followed a simple philosophy—raise the bar in the healthcare industry by providing the best temporary physician and medical staffing personnel available, while also maintaining the highest level of patient care.

We realize that you have a choice when deciding to work with—or for—a locum tenens staffing agency. Whether you’re a locum tenens candidate looking for new career opportunities, or a healthcare facility looking for medical or physician staffing guidance and support, we are here to help.

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What Differentiates Staff Care From Other Locum Tenens Staffing Agencies?

Staff Care works with only the best locum tenens talent to fill a variety of staffing positions, including specialty physicians, dentists, CRNAs, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants. We are the go-to agency for hard-to-fill vacancies due to vacations, continuing education, census fluctuations, service expansions, and other factors.

Our specialized recruitment teams and locum tenens medical and physician staffing consultants have a unique industry understanding and depth-of-knowledge regarding physician recruiting and job search trends that extends to the regional, specialty, and even setting level.

Here’s What Staff Care Specializes In:

  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing Services (RPO)
    Whether you need a locum tenens fast hire for an immediate project or long-term medical staffing engagement across a variety of clinical specialties, our customizable, demand-driven RPO model is designed to meet your facility's unique requirements. We represent your organization during the entire hiring process, providing the flexibility and control you need in an RPO partner, along with the highest-quality, extensively screened healthcare professionals available. Watch how Staff Care can help you manage your facility’s locum tenens recruitment process  
  • A Finger on the Pulse of the Locum Tenens Staffing Industry
    As part of the AMN Healthcare family, we keep a finger on the pulse of the industry, conducting annual research initiatives, recognizing outstanding healthcare personnel, and creating useful resources for the facilities we work with, including our 2013 Survey of Temporary Physician Staffing Trends, the Country Doctor of the Year Award, and an informative video that will show you why locum tenens medical staffing is coming to a healthcare facility near you. Watch Video Now  
  • Locum Tenens Billing: Cost-Recovery Services
    Each year, almost a quarter-of-a-billion dollar in locum tenens revenue goes unclaimed. Our locum tenens billing service, the first of its kind, is designed to help your facility recover those costs. Watch how Staff Care can help streamline your facility’s locum tenens billing process.  
  • Physician Credentialing
    Staff Care offers credentialing and licensing for all physician and advanced practice professionals. Our ProCertify CVO service ensures your healthcare professionals meet the industry’s highest quality standards. It’s a thorough, proven process, backed by AMN Healthcare, the healthcare industry’s workforce innovator, and the nation’s leading provider of medical and physician staffing services.
    Our credentialing and re-credentialing processes are designed to align with the NCQA, adhering to the highest standards in the physician staffing industry. At Staff Care, you’ll find the highest quality locum tenens physicians and clinicians, in addition to staffing services that will provide administrative cost reductions, efficiencies, and savings.
  • Endorsements for Staff Care
    Thanks to our due diligence processes, including checks on client references, financial stability, conflict of interest, comparisons to competitors, and IRS, HHS, and Stark II compliance, Staff Care’s locum tenens staffing services are currently endorsed by more preferred provider agreements than any other locum tenens agency.

We’re also proud to say that we have achieved Preferred Medical Staffing Provider status with the following state run professional organizations.

  • National Association of Community Health Centers
  • Arkansas Hospital Association / Referral Letter
  • Hospital Council of Northern & Central California / Referral Letter
  • Connecticut Hospital Association / Referral Letter
  • Dallas-Fort Worth Hospital Council
  • Georgia Hospital Association / Referral Letter
  • Iowa Hospital Association / Referral Letter
  • Louisiana Hospital Association / Referral Letter
  • Maryland-Prime / Referral Letter
  • Mississippi Hospital Association / Referral Letter
  • MHA - An Association of Montana Health Care Providers / Referral Letter
  • New Mexico Hospital & Health Systems / Referral Letter
  • North Carolina Hospital Association / Referral Letter
  • Oklahoma Hospital Association / Referral Letter
  • Tennessee Hospital Association / Referral Letter
  • Virginia Hospital & Healthcare Association / Referral Letter
  • Washington State Hospital Association / Referral Letter
  • West Virginia Health Services

Read why more locum tenens choose Staff Care for both short and long-term locum tenens assignments across the country.

Other Affiliations

For more information regarding healthcare industry endorsements for our locum tenens physician and medical staffing agency, please contact our Senior Vice President, Bonnie Owens, at Bonnie.Owens@staffcare.com.

Staff Care Client Testimonials

Read what our clients are saying about Staff Care’s locum tenens, medical, and physician staffing services.

Lisa B., Ravenswood Family Health Center
“Staff Care has always been very helpful in filling our Anesthesia needs when we’ve had them.”

Gabriel O., Prairie du Chien Memorial Hospital
“Staff Care is fast in answering questions and great in helping us find coverage on short notice. Coverage found was also of the highest quality and we would hire them back anytime. Great experience.”

Michelle H., Marquette General Hospital
“I feel we have flawless service from Staff Care when working with them for Ortho coverage.”

Todd G., Shore Memorial Hospital
“Staff Care representatives are very cooperative and always willing to go the extra mile to give good service and be accommodating.”

Serena S., Harrison Memorial
“We can always count on Staff Care physicians to be well-screened and the team for credentialing is solid and helpful as well.”

Daphne C., Marquette General Hospital
“Staff Care has a one-on-one relationship with our office; we can always speak directly to the person whom we need to speak with. The best thing about staff care is that they are always in touch with our needs.”

Staff Care Talent Testimonials

Read why more locum tenens choose Staff Care for both short and long-term locum tenens assignments across the country.

Paul J. Hoehner, M.D.
"The vast majority of my locums assignments were through Staff Care, which proved itself to be the finest locums company in the business. What stands out for me was the personal care provided with each assignment. The communication Staff Care provided was exemplary. I was always 'in the loop' when negotiating assignments and updates on assignments were frequent. I felt my needs, in terms of practice assignments and locations, housing and transportation, were always being looked out for and anticipated. Most of all, I never felt like a warm body being thrown into an empty breach, but rather that my career goals and needs were foremost."

Scott C. Wetzel, M.D.
"Staff Care has been a great help to me during a transitional period in my career. I have not only been able to maintain a good income at this time, but also, I have met many wonderful people and have learned much in my new settings. Staff Care makes all the necessary arrangements for housing and transportation regarding the work opportunities I pursue. Most importantly though, the staff of Staff Care is a courteous and knowledgeable group of people and I appreciate them and the service they render."

John Porter, DDS
"Staff Care is the only temporary staffing agency I have worked with, and from my experience with them, I would have no reason to try another agency. The accommodations they have arranged on all my assignments have been excellent. The reimbursement for expenses and for provider services has always been on time." "Any dentist or other professional who is interested in working with Staff Care is welcome to contact me for further information about this excellent company."

L. George Alexander, M.D.
"I have worked with Staff Care for over a year, and have also worked with other Locum Tenens companies during this time. I can unequivocally state that Staff Care is the "best in the business"! Their Account Representatives are great at finding assignments, as well as following through with these assignments to completion. Their Credentialing Department is excellent, and timely. The Logistics Coordinators are "the best” at keeping up with your travel needs as well as your travel preferences. Staff Care has exceeded all my expectations and is the benchmark to which I hold the other companies with whom I work!"

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