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Look at the following frequently asked questions and then complete our short form at the bottom of the page to learn more. Our recruiters are experts on all aspects of locum tenens jobs and will happily answer any, and all your questions.

Locum Tenens Basics
What Are Locum Tenens Jobs?

Locum tenens are physicians or advanced practitioners who fill in at facilities around the country during times of high need, vacations, or when a facility is short-staffed due to lapses in coverage.

What Kind Of Clinicians Work Locum Tenens Jobs?

Clinicians (physicians, advanced practitioners, and dentists) in every stage of their career find locum tenens to be an ideal choice for their careers.

Can Residents and Fellows Work Locum Tenens Jobs?

Yes! Locum tenens jobs can be a great option for physicians coming out of residency and fellowships for select specialties. For facilities that don't have years of practice requirements, locum tenens jobs are a great opportunity to gain experience and supplement your income.

I’m Interested, But I’m Not Licensed In The State Where I’d Like To Work?

No problem, our experienced locum tenens recruiters will help you get licensed in the state where you want to work. During the licensing and credentialing period, we can put you to work in the states where you are currently licensed. Once your new license comes in, we’ll make sure you get to your preferred location. We’ll even pay all of your licensing fees.

How Much Is Locum Tenens Pay/Salary?

Locum tenens pay and salary vary by specialty and location, but hourly rates for locum tenens are very competitive and also include housing accommodations, full licensing support, and prearranged travel to your assignment.

Can I Travel With My Family Or Pets On Locum Tenens Jobs?

Yes, if you prefer to take your family or pets along on assignments, we will try to accommodate your needs. Make sure to tell your recruiter about your plans in advance.

Do I Have To Provide My Own Travel And Accommodations On Locum Tenens Assignments?

No, our team of professionals will take care of all your travel arrangements and accommodations during your assignment. Just bring your amazing skills and get ready to work.

Do You Provide Malpractice Insurance When I’m On A Locum Tenens Assignment?

Yes, malpractice coverage is included when you are on assignment for Staff Care.

Can I Work Full Or Part-Time Locum Tenens?

Yes, the beauty of locum tenens jobs is their flexibility. If you want to maintain a full-time position and work locum tenens on an as-needed basis, no problem. However, if you want to work locum tenens full-time, we have opportunities from months, to even a year or longer. Your choice.

What Types Of Facilities Do Locum Tenens Work In?

Staff Care has positions in a variety of facility types, including hospitals, specialty clinics, with the VA, government jobs, urgent care facilities, and more.