AMN Healthcare's Landry Seedig Talks to HealthLeaders Media about Healthcare Jobs

AMN Healthcare’s Landry Seedig

Landry Seedig, Senior Vice President and General Manager of the Allied Division of AMN Healthcare, was recently interviewed by HealthLeaders Media about his thoughts on the healthcare jobs forecast for 2014.

Even though economists predict growth in the healthcare industry, Seedig maintains that it will be difficult to predict which jobs and specialties will be in demand, although he does feel that case managers and health IT experts will be hot commodities.

"I think technology is a huge opportunity within healthcare," said Seedig. "It's already started, but it takes a while. Healthcare runs about 10 years behind other industries, especially when it relates to technology. There's big opportunity to make it more efficient, and I think that's where a lot of the cost savings should come from as we get better at the type of technology that we are implementing."

You can read the full HealthLeaders article here. And, as always, we welcome your thoughts and feedback in the comments section below.

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