Meet the Team: Brandon Shaw, Primary Care Physician Recruitment Director

Brandon Shaw, Primary Care Physician Recruitment Director

Director of Recruiting for Staff Care’s Primary Care Division, Brandon Shaw recently celebrated his 10-year anniversary with Staff Care. The Locums Link Blog recently caught up with Brandon to discuss his love of recruiting, sports, his family, and his co-workers at Staff Care (who he also describes as family).

A diehard sports fan and lifelong resident of Texas, Brandon grew up in the state’s Northeast region and played baseball for a number of college teams. After graduating, he was hired by Staff Care, working first for the Anesthesia team before transitioning to the Primary Care team in 2012.

“I love seeing how healthcare has evolved over the years,” said Brandon about his decade-plus experience with the nation’s leading locum tenens staffing firm. “And it’s nice knowing that what we do is needed and is in high demand.”

Outside of work, Brandon loves spending time with his family. “We’ve got a five-year-old, a two-year-old, and one on the way! My wife and I also enjoy going to concerts and any Rangers and Cowboys games we can.”

Brandon’s love of local sports goes beyond spectator status. “I played baseball in college at Grayson County, then Texas Tech, and played my final year at Abilene Christian, which is where I graduated from,” he told us.

Bringing a Positive Attitude to a Family Environment

When asked what he loves about working for Staff Care, Brandon raved about his co-workers, specifically his partners Heidi and Kirsten, the amazing Staff Care leadership team “and the family environment we have.”

“We know how to have fun which makes it much more enjoyable coming into work each day with the people that I love,” he told us. “We work hard and we play hard.”

Brandon does his part to keep that spirit alive by bringing a positive and upbeat attitude to the proceedings.

“I feel like I’m always trying to keep a positive attitude to those around me and shed some positive light because not everyone has good days,” he said. “I feel that, as a director, it’s part of our job to keep everyone going.

“I find it important to keep pushing others to keep them motivated, which is something that has always been natural for me and something that has always stuck with me.”

Lesson Learned: ‘Never Give Up’

Brandon’s favorite Staff Care memory is about a hard-earned promotion.

“I had my senior promotion when I was on the Anesthesia team,” he said. “I would almost reach my promotion and would just miss it, but by the third time I finally got it.

“And the reason that sticks out to me is because, now, I have a great story to tell new trainees to inspire them to never give up.

“That recognition just really filled my cup and made me love the people around me. No one acted as though I had gotten my promotion easily, but rather, everyone acknowledged the struggles I had gone through and that I continued to push forward to get to where I am.”

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