Staff Care Country Doctor Rob Marsh Gets Nationwide Recognition

Staff Care Country Doctor Rob Marsh Gets Nationwide Recognition

Since announcing the winner of the 2014 Country Doctor of the Year Award, Dr. John Otho “Rob” Marsh, news outlets across the country have highlighted the many achievements of Dr. Marsh, giving him national recognition for his selfless work. Outlets like USA Today, Stars & Stripes, The Washington Post, CBS News This Morning, HealthLeaders and others have profiled Dr. Marsh and his remarkable career. A commendation of Dr. Marsh has even been read into the U.S. Congressional Record and into the Virginia Legislative Record.

Congressman Bob Goodlatte of Virginia read a tribute to Dr. Rob Marsh into the U.S. Congressional Record, stating, “In times of great change, especially in the field of health care, it is encouraging to know that someone like Dr. Marsh is still engaged in the practice of medicine. He is dedicated to serving those in his community and not always in conventional settings. He drops by for regular house calls, makes rounds at the hospital, and presides over a long-term care facility. Dr. Marsh also serves others who are just passing through at his clinic located alongside a truck stop by the interstate in Raphine, Virginia.” Goodlatte also addressed Dr. Marsh’s military accomplishments in the United States Army as a military physician.

In the article published by The Washington Postta , Dr. Marsh is recognized for his work tending to the care of truck drivers passing through Raphine, Virginia who typically don’t have the time or money to visit a primary care physician on a regular basis. According to the article, “At the TA Petro truck stop here, where Marsh opened his clinic in July 2012, drivers wander the stores killing time, looking at chrome for their trucks, hunting gear and fried strawberry-rhubarb pies in wax-paper packets. They can get an oil change, work out, take a shower. And now they can get a U.S. Department of Transportation-mandated physical, a flu shot or treatment for a sore back.” So on top of taking care of his regular patients and making house calls, Dr. Marsh has also committed himself to treating truck drivers who would otherwise not get help.

Both articles by HealthLeaders and The News Virginian continue to address the accomplishments and positive characteristics of Dr. Marsh that make him a hero in his local Virginia town. There was even a ceremony held for him in Middlebrook where local townspeople came to celebrate and honor the work and dedication Dr. Marsh contributes daily to help others. According to Marsh, "These are the people I take care of. That's what motivates me ... My patients are my friends. I couldn't sleep well at night if I closed the door at 5:00 and was closed for the night, even if a patient needed me."

In a time when rural healthcare access is dramatically decreasing, it is an absolute honor and privilege for Staff Care to recognize rural healthcare physicians that make immense sacrifices in their lives to deliver healthcare to individuals in need. Without amazing rural physicians like Dr. Rob Marsh, there would be thousands of individuals left without the opportunity to see a healthcare professional to get treatment. Thank you, Dr. Marsh, and all of the other rural healthcare physicians across the nation who, despite hardships, dedicates their lives towards helping those in need.

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