From Delta Force to Country Doctor, 2014 Country Doctor Follows a Remarkable Path

From Delta Force to Country Doctor, 2014 Country Doctor Follows a Remarkable Path

As the nation’s leading temporary physician staffing firm, Staff Care (and our parent company, AMN Healthcare) is committed to ensuring that patients nationwide have access to the care they need.

Access to physicians can be a particular problem in rural areas, which is a key reason why we created the Country Doctor of the Year Award in 1992. This award honors the spirit, skill and dedication of America’s rural medical practitioners. By shining a light on some remarkable doctors, we believe the award can inspire other physicians to consider the rewards of rural medicine and to practice where they are needed most.

Our newly announced 2014 Country Doctor of the Year, Dr. John Otho “Rob” Marsh, is nothing if not inspirational. Formerly a Delta Force physician, Dr. Marsh was severely wounded in the Blackhawk Down incident in Somalia, but continued to care for his fellow injured soldiers and was highly regarded for his service. The full-time family practice clinic he established for the families of Delta Force soldiers, the first of its kind, is still in operation.

Dr. Marsh believed his mission after Delta Force was to serve a small rural community, and he has been the sole doctor in tiny Middlebrook, Virginia (population 215) since 1996. Not only is he the community’s key caregiver, but he also serves on the board of the local hospital (Augusta Health), and the sole presiding physician at the local long-term care facility, is a volunteer fireman, Sunday school teacher and farmer. Please read more about Dr. Marsh’s remarkable story here. I am sure you will find it as moving as I did!

We are always looking for stories about great doctors, regardless of where they practice, and I welcome you to share your stories here. In addition, if you know an outstanding rural physician, please feel free to submit a nomination on their behalf for the 2015 Country Doctor of the Year Award here.

Bonnie Britton serves as Senior Vice President of Staff Care, the nation’s leading locum tenens staffing firm and a company of AMN Healthcare. She can be reached at or 800-685-2272.

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