Staff Care Dentistry Sales Spotlight: Matt Cobb

Staff Care Dentistry Recruitment Spotlight: Matt Cobb

Welcome to our Meet the Team Spotlights at The Staff Care Insider, where we introduce you to the world-class sales and recruitment professionals who exemplify our commitment to providing the highest-quality locum tenens staffing services.

Growing up on a farm, Matt Cobb learned the importance of one thing — determination. He experienced first-hand how even after months of hard work, a lack of rain could destroy your crops and you have to start back from square one. But even with these hardships, he knew he had to pick himself up and keep trying. This is the attitude that he brings to work at Staff Care each and every day.

With close to five years at Staff Care under his belt, Matt has worked his way to becoming a Senior Manager of Sales for the Dentistry division. And because dentistry is a fairly new aspect of locum tenens, Matt has seen many changes with this specialty throughout the years as it establishes itself as a locum tenens vocation.

A Team That's 'Laser-Focused' on Locum Dentistry Recruitment

According to Cobb, dentistry recruitment has realigned itself a number of times in recent years to best accommodate the shifting industry. "With this new realigned strategy we are a very nimble, yet laser-focused team," he told The Staff Care Insider.

Even before joining the Staff Care team, Matt had already developed a passion for working in the healthcare industry. “I graduated with a nutrition science degree but even before that I had enjoyed healthcare. I played a lot of sports in high school so I was always focused on my health and healthy eating,” he said, adding, “In addition to my undergrad degree I also got my MBA with a healthcare focus. I have always been appealed helping people and caring about their wellbeing.” He was also exposed to the healthcare industry working at another dentistry company called Careington prior to joining on at Staff Care.

Aside from enjoying helping others in this industry, Matt also appreciates the team environment found while working at Staff Care. “I really enjoy the team environment with the 3 teams – sales, recruitment and account representatives — at Staff Care,” Matt said, adding, “I played sports throughout my life and enjoy collaboration with my team members. There is an aspect of competitiveness and trust which I find essential for any salesforce, and we are all striving to be the best we can.”

Matt’s consistent hard work and dedication earned him a spot at Staff Care’s annual “President’s Cup”, which rewards the company’s top performers with a group vacation. This trip, Matt’s favorite memory with the company thus far, allowed him to branch out of his dentistry team and get to know some of his peers on a more personal level. According to Matt, “Dentistry is a little off to the side because we don’t get to collaborate with other specialties so it was cool to collaborate with other departments and see the fun people that we work with at Staff Care, as well as spend time with the upper management.”

When Matt isn’t busy sourcing locum tenens dentists for Staff Care's roster of clients, you can likely find him enjoying the outdoors with his family. He said, “I’m a real outdoorsy kind of guy, I like fishing, hunting, kayaking, listening to music and hanging out with my wife and two kids.”

Although he is considered the “city slicker” of his family, his dream job would be a fishing guide, spending majority of his time outdoors. However, for now, he is content living with his family in Frisco, Texas, with his father living just down the road.

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