Doctors throughout History: A Doctors' Day Video from Staff Care

Doctors throughout History: A Doctors' Day Video from Staff Care

Happy Doctors' Day from Staff Care! To celebrate all the great things that physicians have done over the centuries, Staff Care and the companies of AMN Healthcare would like to share this special Doctors' Day Video.

Entitled Doctors Throughout History, this brief but highly illuminating video takes you on a brief walk through the history of notable physicians throughout history, as well as the many milestones they achieved, from the 1800s through the present day.

From the first successful brain tumor removal in 1888 to Dr. Max Theiler's 1951 Nobel Prize-Winning yellow fever vaccine; from the first diabetes insulin vaccine int he 1920s to the first full face transplant in 2008 — and many points in between — our exclusive Doctors throughout History video covers a lot of groundbreaking moments as achieved by doctors throughout history.

Doctors Throughout History: A Brief History of Doctors' Day

As for the history of Doctors Day itself, Dr. Rod K. Calverley of the University of California, San Diego traces its March 30 origin to a "recognition of Crawford W. Long's first use of diethyl ether as a surgical anesthetic in 1842" on that same date.

"Since the time of the first public salute to doctors by the ladies of Barrow County Medical Auxiliary on that date in 1933, Doctors' Day has become a national event," Dr. Calverley writes.

We invite you to take a moment to enjoy our brief Doctors Day video — and share it with your friends and colleagues! And Happy Doctors Day, from everyone here at Staff Care and AMN Healthcare.

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