Dr. Michael Clark on the Benefits of Military Locums Jobs

Dr. Michael Clark on the Benefits of Military Locums Jobs

Dr. Michael Clark, OBGYN is a physician currently working his first locum tenens assignment with Staff Care: a medical locums job at Madigan Army Medical Center in Tacoma, Washington.

To mark Veterans Day, the Locums Link Blog recently spoke to Dr. Clark about what it’s like working with veterans in a military medical job. He also told us why he think his next assignment will also be a military locums assignment, and what he thinks about working with Staff Care.

Why Work Locum Tenens?

“My wife’s a physician in the military,” Dr. Clark told us, which means the couple isn’t entirely sure where they’ll be living next year. So, he decided to work a locum tenens assignment in the interim.

Locums work offers other benefits, as Dr. Clark pointed out. “You get to practice medicine without worrying about the overhead that comes along with it — which is something that I struggled with in my own practice,” he said. “You don’t need to worry about insurance and other things like that.”

The chance to hone his clinical skills was also appealing. “Because this position is for an extended period of time, I’m able to practice medicine and stay up to date on my clinical skills. I might have not had the opportunity to do that otherwise.”

Dr. Clark told us he’ll probably “look for another locums position or a temporary contract physician position” after he's wrapped up his military locums assignment in Tacoma.

The Benefits of Military & VA Locum Tenens Assignments

And when it comes time to find that next locums assignment, Dr. Clark will “definitely have my eye on military facilities, because I’ve enjoyed working here.

“You have access to a lot of resources that you might not have access to in smaller, civilian facilities,” he explained. “Also, in facilities that have academic programs, you have the added advantage of staying up to date on the latest recommendations and treatments.

Dr. Clark also praises the “variety of services" that come with military medical jobs, "because it allows patients to tailor their healthcare to the way they want it, and have a lot of support and services that help with patient care.

Military medical jobs "focus more on the mission to provide quality healthcare, and focus less on politics, finances and budgets,” he added.

Fast Placement, Great Communication: The Staff Care Experience

Calling his experience with Staff Care “very positive,” Dr. Clark also had nothing but praise for his colleagues in the medical center. “The fellow staff and physicians that I’ve been working with are very high-quality physicians, and it’s good to work with that caliber of colleagues.”

Staff Care’s placement process was also “a lot quicker than what we thought,” he added, “so there wasn’t a lot of waiting around.

“From the time that Staff Care reached out to me to the time that I started working was right about two months, so that was great.

“The communication has been good,” he added, letting us know that his Staff Care recruiter “has been very patient with me in finding an apartment because I know I was maybe a little pickier than most.”

Dr. Clark’s positive experience is a great example not only of how locum tenens assignments can help physicians adjust to changes in career, lifestyle or location, but also of the benefits of working with veterans in a military locums assignment.

“I would encourage somebody looking at positions that deal with military facilities,” he said. “It is definitely a good experience.”

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