EHR Video: Locum Doctors Discuss Electronic Health Records

EHR Video: Locum Doctors Discuss Electronic Health Records

Welcome to Staff Care's Locum Tenens Video Series, where we examine some of the most pressing issues facing the healthcare staffing industry. Today's video discusses the opinions doctors have on electronic health records (EHR). Check out more videos in our locum video series here.

Just what to physicians think of electronic medical records? Whether you refer to them as EMR, EHR, or a number of other variants, there's no doubt that this new element — introduced into the healthcare system years ago, but still responsible for growing pains and resentment among healthcare workers — has signified a major shift in the way that doctors conduct their everyday roles.

There's little disagreement about the fact that the nation's relatively new EHR system improves operational efficiency, not to mention safety, within the healthcare industry. But are doctors shouldering too much of the burden of these improvements? EHR may be an “inevitable” development, but all these years later, some big questions and criticisms remain. For instance:

  • Do the benefits of EHR implementation outweigh the costs?
  • What areas of EHR can be improved?
  • Were doctors and the industry in general better off in the good old “pen and paper” days? Is there any going back?
  • How do other cultures approach the challenges of electronic record keeping, and how can those practices be adapted to use in the United States?
  • Does EHR ultimately slow down patient care? If so, what’s the solution?

EHR Video: Locum Doctors Discuss Electronic Health Records

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