Emergency Medicine Staffing Leadership Spotlight: Tony Radcliffe

Emergency Medicine Staffing Leadership Spotlight: Tony Radcliffe

Although Staff Care offers locum tenens staffing services across a multitude of specialties, one in particular that has seen significant growth throughout the past five years is emergency medicine. As our 2015 Survey of Temporary Physician Staffing Trends shows, requests for locum tenens emergency medicine physicians more than doubled from 2010 to 2014.

In fact, the Staff Care Emergency Medicine Division has seen so much expansion that the team has added five members in the last three months — including Tony Radcliffe, who joined AMN Healthcare six months ago as Director of our Emergency Medicine & Hospitalists Divisions. Despite his newcomer status, Tony has immediately made an impression, jumping in and helping the locum tenens emergency medicine staffing team to grow and succeed in new ways.

With a decade of professional experience in the staffing industry, Tony was immediately intrigued by the idea of healthcare recruitment and was eager to join Staff Care when the opportunity arose.

“I began my staffing career in technical staffing and worked in that industry for over nine years,” Tony told the Staff Care Insider. “My wife had exposure to healthcare staffing about a year and a half ago.

“The locum tenens industry immediately intrigued me. Physician staffing has seen increasing demand with a relatively flat supply. I realized that making a move to healthcare would be a great decision.”

The Responsibilities of EM Recruitment Leadership

Tony was offered a unique position within Staff Care that gives him the opportunity to mentor new members within the cohort program and a number of individuals under his wing on the recruiting floor.

“My role was created specifically to mentor new people coming in to the cohort program and newer recruiters with a year or less of experience,” Radcliffe said, adding, “My main responsibility is working with these individuals to train and develop them after they successfully graduate to the floor.”

Though this job comes with much responsibility, Tony finds it to be not only fitting but also rewarding, as he finds joy helping develop the skills of others.

“I’ve always enjoyed developing people so the fact that this emphasis of development is the core piece of my role truly makes it perfect for me,” he says. “My greatest joy is helping others achieve promotions and grow both personally and professionally.”

But the greatest part of working at Staff Care, Tony finds, is the other leaders who have made his transition into healthcare a smooth one.

“I understand that it can be scary for an organization to take on a leader from a different industry, for a newly created role, working with two specialties that are in high demand,” he told us. “The organization could have hesitations about whether I’m going to succeed in my role, and for me, it is natural to wonder if I’m going to enjoy the role.”

“Thankfully, the directors that I work closely with here have been extremely helpful to me and have made my transition in the last six months a great experience."

Tony has made it clear in his short time here that he is already a huge asset to both the emergency medicine team and Staff Care as a whole. He not only works hard to see success in his work, but also to help new individuals grow and succeed, as well.

When Tony is not hard at work, you can find him working out or spending time outdoors with his wife at their home in Keller, Texas.

Are you looking for new career opportunities in emergency medicine — or another physician specialty? Contact us here to connect with Tony's team, or check out all available locum EM jobs here.

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