Employee Spotlight: Brent Meter, Senior Recruiting Consultant

Employee Spotlight: Brent Meter, Senior Recruiting Consultant

Sports bond you to other people. It can give two strangers, who would otherwise never connect, something to talk about. This is the mentality that Brent brings to his job at Staff Care.

Like most life-long sports fans, he revels in the triumph and glory that’s inherent in the game. The same could be said for creating bonds with new recruits. Rooting for the success of a candidate is like cheering on his favorite team player. Many parallels can be drawn between sports fandom and recruiting, but for Brent, connections are key.

He works to strengthen those connections every day – both inside and outside of work – with most of his spare time devoted to playing in Dallas softball and basketball leagues.

Brent has worked at Staff Care since 2011 and currently resides in Irving, Texas. He says he plans to make Staff Care his home forever.

What’s your back story?

I’m from a small town called Great Bend, Kansas. It has about 20,000 people. Being very passionate about sports, I decided to study Business and Sports Management while at Washburn University and then pursued a Master’s degree in Education, Sports & Athletics from Wichita State.

What does your typical workday entail?

Sourcing candidates and screening providers takes up a fair amount of my time. I also train new recruiters and cohorts for Dentistry Onboarding, pitch jobs, and focus on licensing/credentialing candidates.

What is an aspect of your role that people might not be aware of?

Probably how much perseverance it requires. Professional recruiting is not for someone who gives up easily. In this job, there are tons of highs and tons of lows. If you can’t temper that, then you’ll go crazy.

What makes you great at your job?

Being a natural relationship builder, problem solver, and overall good listener. Having a knack for understanding weaknesses and turning them into strengths. More importantly, knowing where my candidates are and understanding their situations. 

Of course, my competitive sportsman-like drive helps too.

How would your co-workers describe you?

I bet they’d describe me as driven, motivated and competitive. But also very laid back and trustworthy.

What do you like most about recruiting within the dentistry division?

One thing I really like is creating positive outcomes from negative beginnings. I enjoy finding our dentists new opportunities and witnessing the benefits of a good match.

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