Employee Spotlight: Heather Laureano, Sr. Manager of Sales

Heather Laureano of Staff Care

“Never forget the power of a phone call,” says Heather Laureano, reminiscing on a defining piece of advice given to her by a former coworker and mentor. “In this job, creating connections is everything, and that can’t easily be done through email.”

Growing up in Mesquite, Texas, Heather never envisioned that she would get the opportunity to work in sales. Today, however, she has found herself successfully working in that particular field with the Staff Care surgery team. When she’s not forging client relationships or expanding business opportunities, Heather enjoys discovering new restaurants and writing Yelp reviews. In fact, she is one of Yelp’s premiere members called “Yelp Elite,” which earns her regular invitations to Elite events and a “local authority” status in the Yelp community.

Heather lives in Carrolton, Texas with her husband and two-year-old daughter, Eva, who will soon have a baby sister named Olive. Heather is thrilled for this new adventure of being a second-time mother.

This is not your first position at Staff Care — tell me about your history with the company.

I've been at AMN Healthcare for nine years this June. I spent the first two years of my career here recruiting physicians with Merritt Hawkins, and then in 2007 made a move to the sales side for our Surgery team with Staff Care.

Couple our history with our service and approach, and you have a trusted partner who will represent your best interests with the candidates we work with.

What do you like most about your role as Sr. Manager of Sales?

Working in the Surgery division is definitely one of the most exciting specialties. Having the privilege of placing physicians in assignments where they will help people and save lives is extremely fulfilling and pulls on my heartstrings every day.

I also love connecting with clients about the services we offer, and seeing what locums solutions I can creatively come up with to meet their goals. I love it when a client calls me with a problem within their staffing model, and I am able to find a locum solution that meets their needs.

What are the most rewarding aspects of your work?

That moment when a potential client calls back — having kept my information for two years, and is suddenly in need of Staff Care help — is always rewarding. It’s nice to know that I made enough of an impression that they actually called back years later, even though they didn’t need our services then. 

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