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For Clients

Locum Tenens Physician and Advanced Practitioner Staffing and Services

Provider shortages, physician burnout and other workforce issues make finding the right locum tenens staffing partner to work with critical to your success. That’s why Staff Care developed a comprehensive solution for all your locum tenens and physician staffing needs—no matter how big or small they may be.

With our comprehensive approach, which encompasses all aspects of the locum tenens staffing process, your facility will experience service that is second-to-none. We have established relationships with the most experienced, highly-trained physicians, physician assistants (PA), nurse practitioners (NP), certified registered nurse anesthetists (CRNA) and can provide a cost-effective workforce strategy to help you meet cost constraints and avoid lapses in coverage.

With more than two decades in the locum tenens staffing industry, our expertise includes access to the nation’s largest talent pool and industry-leading locum tenens resources and information.


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