Government Staffing Leadership Spotlight: Calvin Millett

Government Staffing Leadership Spotlight: Calvin Millett

To celebrate Veteran’s Day this year, we wanted to sit down with a Staff Care leader who works with the nation’s U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs (VA), Department of Defense Military Health System, and other government departments and facilities on a daily basis. With his 17-year career at Staff Care — a career that includes starting and leading our government staffing division — Calvin Millett was the perfect candidate.

As Senior Manager of Sales for Staff Care's Government Division, Calvin Millett is that rare breed among government healthcare staffing professionals — someone who actually began his career at a VA healthcare facility before moving into the private sector. He began his career as a temporary employee in a VA prosthetics department, and eventually ended up as a contracting officer.

Starting his career in a government healthcare facility allowed Calvin to develop an appreciation for veterans early in life. And working in the prosthetics department specifically, Calvin had the opportunity to see first-hand the rewarding effects of veterans receiving care, as well as patients not getting the care they needed.

“You could see a veteran without a leg who goes through a prosthetic clinic and hasn’t been able to walk for years, and then you put the prosthesis on him and he walks, and the whole group is hugging and crying, which is a neat thing to see,” Millett said, adding, “I also saw the other side of things, where veterans weren’t getting the help they needed.”

This issue of veterans not receiving timely care is something that has been recognized on a national level, which has caused these VA facilities some difficulties. However, Calvin feels that companies that provide government healthcare staffing services, such as Staff Care, could be the solution.

“I think access to a lot more providers is one thing that can help, for sure,” he said, adding, “We shouldn’t be having patients waiting a couple hours to see a physician, which is why clinics should use companies like Staff Care more, and have better planning. I believe that veterans deserve the healthcare they deserve 100%, and I get frustrated when they don’t and I don’t know why they don’t.”

Almost Two Decades in Government Healthcare Staffing

Despite the improvements that can be made to improve care for veterans and active military personnel, there are some definite rewards that come with working in this kind of setting.

Calvin reflected on one memory in particular that stood out in his mind: “I found out that a quadriplegic veteran in a wheelchair was participating in marathons. So, looking at him made me realize that I never really had bad days, when you see this guy in a wheelchair doing marathons.”

Throughout his 17-year career at Staff Care, Calvin has seen many changes within the government staffing industry, including his own change from recruiter to executive. And he sometimes misses that earlier role, and the reward of being able to see the impacts healthcare has on veterans first-hand.

"The only difference I see working on this side of things with Staff Care is that you really don’t see the end product. I work with physicians and clients, but I don’t get to see a patient actually put on his prostheses and walk through the door."

Because of his love for government healthcare staffing and working with veterans at VA facilities, Calvin says he could see his future involving work with another VA facility somewhere.

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