Government Healthcare Staffing Sales Spotlight: Brad Berridge

Government Healthcare Staffing Sales Spotlight: Brad Berridge

As Senior Territory Sales Consultant for Staff Care’s Government Services Division, Brad Berridge has direct involvement in helping the nation’s U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs (VA), Department of Defense Military Health System, and other departments and facilities stay fully staffed with experienced, high-quality physicians and advanced practitioners.

A key member of Staff Care’s team since 2008, Brad recently spoke to The Staff Care Insider about what he loves about working in government healthcare staffing services, what makes him good at his job, and the perks of living among family and friends in Texas.

“I can still remember the first physician I put to work,” Brad told us. “It was such a big deal for me, and my teammates were just as happy for me. It really let me know that I could make it in this business, and that, even though there are always new things to learn, you have to appreciate the small victories along the way.”

A Dedication to Family, Friends & the Lone Star State

“I’m a local kid who grew up in North Dallas, and went to high school at Richardson High School,” Brad explained, describing his Texas roots and his dedication to the Lone Star State — a dedication that encompasses his personal and professional lives, as well as those famous superstar sports teams.

“I went to college in West Texas and played basketball to get my scholarship to go to school,” Brad said. “I still love all the local professional teams, especially my Dallas Cowboys!”

Soon to be married, Brad emphasized to us that his family and friends are the most important element to his success. “I have gone through so much, and I wouldn’t be here today and have as good a life as I do without them.”

And that’s not just empty praise: Having been introduced to the physician staffing industry by his brother and a group of friends who already worked in the field, Brad can fairly claim to owe his career at Staff Care to those family and friends.

Helping Troops and Veterans Receive ‘the Superior Care They Deserve’

When asked about what he enjoys most about working at Staff Care, Brad had an answer at the ready:

“I know it sounds like a cliché, but it really is the people I work with — both at Staff Care and with the government. Everyone is on the same page with trying to make sure that the troops and the veterans receive the superior physician care they deserve.”

Describing himself as “engaging,” Brad has the type of personality that facilitates this cooperativeness, putting co-workers, clients and professionals instantly at east and allowing for a smooth and effective flow of communications.

“I’ve always taken pride in my ability to 'have never met a stranger,'” Brad says, explaining that he always makes an “extra effort to win people over."

Brad goes on to sum up his personality and success as a government healthcare staffing rep with one simple phrase:

“I like talking, and I like being with people!”

Are you looking for physicians or practitioners to fill coverage gaps, or are you experiencing other kinds of staffing needs? Whether you represent a government facility, hospital, private clinic, or any other kind of medical facility, Staff Care has the temporary staffing solution to ensure that your team remains fully staffed. Contact us today to connect with Brad or any of our other dedicated sales specialists.

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