Happy Match Day 2016 from Staff Care

Happy Match Day 2016 from Staff Care

Happy Match Day 2016 from Staff Care, and congratulations to all of the nation's medical students who are officially moving on to their residencies as of today.

Match Day 2016 concludes a week of intense activity (as we explained last week), as medical students discover their fates and healthcare organizations make the difficult choice of what residents to take on. As the nation's leading provider of locum tenens opportunities, Staff Care is dedicated to providing all of America's new residents — as well as all of the residents-to-be — with access to all the career tools needed to achieve the best possible medical career.

Check out our New Physician Program for a complete library of resources and tools for residents and fellows designed to give residents and fellows everything you need to succeed in today's increasingly competitive workforce — as well as clue you into to exclusive career opportunities you're not likely to find anywhere else.Resources for Medical Residents and Fellows from Staff Care

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And, don't forget, when it comes time to leave your residency behind, you'll always find great physician job opportunities with Staff Care — in every state, and across the vast majority of medical specialties. Take a look at our current list of nationwide locum tenens jobs to see what's in store. (What is locum tenens? Find out here!)

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