Have Stethoscope, Will Travel: New Edition of Staff Care's Locum Tenens Book

New Edition of Book Highlights the Growing Use of Locum Tenens Physicians

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IRVING, TX -- August 13, 2014 -- Why are a growing number of doctors choosing to work temporary assignments as locum tenens physicians? Why do hospitals and other medical facilities use locum tenens physicians, and how do temporary doctors fit into the physician staffing mix in the era of healthcare reform?

A new edition of a book from Staff Care, the nation’s leading temporary physician staffing firm and a company of AMN Healthcare, provides answers to these and many other questions pertaining to locum tenens doctors.

Entitled Have Stethoscope, Will Travel: Staff Care’s Guide to Locum Tenens, the book provides a big picture look at today’s physician staffing trends as well as “how to” information for both healthcare facilities that use temporary physicians and for physicians interested in working as locum tenens.

Authored by Staff Care president Sean Ebner and by Phillip Miller, the book seeks to place temporary physicians in the context of today’s physician staffing trends. The authors note that a growing number of physicians are choosing to work as locum tenens to escape the reimbursement, malpractice and related challenges of today’s medical practice environment. Staff Care estimates that more than 40,000 physicians now work at least one locum tenens assignment each year while thousands work on a locum tenens basis full-time.

“If you are a physician who still loves seeing patients, but you don’t love the bureaucratic side of medicine, locum tenens can be a great option,” Ebner said.

As a sign of the future, the authors point to a survey conducted by The Physicians Foundation that indicates 6.4 percent of physicians plan to work as locum tenens in the next one to three years. Many hospitals have elected to take advantage of this growing segment of the physician workforce. According to a Staff Care survey cited in the book, 90 percent of hospitals used locum tenens doctors sometime during the last 12 months.

One chapter of the book is devoted to the strategic uses of locum tenens physicians. Traditionally, temporary doctors have been used to fill in for physicians who are absent due to illness, injury, vacation or CME. With today’s doctor shortage, however, the authors observe that locum tenens physicians now are used primarily to maintain services and revenue while facilities seek permanent physicians to fill openings and to address physician turnover.

Have Stethoscope, Will Travel also includes detailed information regarding licensing, billing, malpractice and credentialing issues pertaining to locum tenens physicians. A chapter is devoted to a cost/benefits analysis of using locum tenens doctors and an additional chapter examines how locum tenens assignments work from the medical facility’s perspective.

The book can be ordered online at the publisher’s website or by calling Staff Care at 800-685-2272.

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