Don’t Get Caught Off Guard This Holiday Season

 The bustling holiday season will be here before you know it, and there are a few things you can start to do now to prepare your facility for the scheduling upheavals that can occur this time of year.

Many clinicians may be requesting time off to travel and spend time with family.  At the same time, your facility will likely be facing increased demand, due to factors such as:


  • The onset of the flu and other cold weather-related respiratory ailments (and early signs point to a particularly harsh flu season this year)
  • A rise in injuries due to winter weather (slipping on ice, car accidents, etc.)
  • An influx of patients that are taking time off during the holidays to get elective procedures having met their yearly deductibles
  • Facilities in the Southwest may see increased patient loads as people tend to head toward warmer weather in the winter

    To get ahead of these challenges, it’s a good time to optimize your staff to ensure that your facility has the right number of high quality physicians and advanced practitioners in place to deliver the exceptional care your patients expect. Although hospitals and health systems can combat these gaps in coverage by limiting time off or having staff work overtime, that can lead to a disgruntled or burnt out workforce.

    Temporary Staffing Solutions

    Locum tenens physicians and advanced practitioners are a great option when there are staffing shortages or uncertainties in your facility. Having these highly skilled professionals on staff can protect your full time employees from suffering burnout due to overwork and overtime, in addition to making sure your patients get the continuity of care they need.

    Our Staff Care team is already building a pool of quality candidates across all specialties that have availability to work during the holiday season for our healthcare partners. Whether you need short-term or long-term coverage, we’ll find the candidates right for you. We can create a custom solution based on your specific needs and with the backing of AMN Healthcare, an established health care staffing firm with 30+ years of experience, we’re sure to make you successful.

    Additionally, Staff Care makes it easy for our healthcare partners by taking care of credentialing, billing, and travel accommodations for the providers we place on assignment in a facility. We’ll ensure that you have the best candidate to provide quality patient care in times of need. 

    Plan Your Locum Tenens Coverage

    Want to learn more about our locum tenens staffing solutions? Contact us today to get connected with one of our team members and start planning your locum tenens coverage for this holiday season.

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