Staff Care Hospitalist Recruitment Spotlight: Kevin Goldstein

Staff Care Hospitalist Recruitment Spotlight: Kevin Goldstein

You may be familiar with some of our recruiters or sales team members at Staff Care, but another very important piece of the Staff Care team are the account representatives. These professionals are responsible for making sure the needs of our partners are met by finding healthcare providers and then managing the relationship between provider and client. One of these notable individuals is Kevin Goldstein, Senior Account Consultant, Hospitalist Division.

Kevin has been a member of the Staff Care team for five years, after being introduced to the company from a fellow employee. Because this is a unique industry, Kevin was immediately interested in finding out more about Staff Care and locum tenens.

“This industry is highly relational and having to do that over the phone immediately intrigued me," Kevin told us. "Additionally, healthcare is a growth industry that isn’t going anywhere which made the job attractive,” he said, adding, “I also got the sense that he was still helping people and indirectly helping patients and facilities to fulfill their needs.”

As an account manager, Kevin enjoys the opportunity to communicate with both providers and clients. When asked what he enjoys most about his job, Kevin said, “Being a consultant to clients — helping them find creative ways to accomplish their goals that they might not have thought of that is also beneficial to our company.”

Additionally, when it comes to working with providers he said, “Understanding what the doctors do day in and day out and becoming accustomed to that specialty to speak their language and better communicate with them and listen to their needs/struggles to help solve any problems they may encounter.”

Tracking the Evolution of the Hospitalist Recruitment Landscape

Working with hospitalist physicians specifically, a specialty increasingly growing in popularity, Kevin has had the opportunity to see this specialty grow and evolve throughout the years.

“I started at pretty much the ground floor of hospitalists and seeing that specialty skyrocket, both in the amount of providers as well as the pay and cost and how integral they are in the healthcare sector,” Kevin said, adding, “The demand and need for them is just through the roof.”

One of the aspects that makes Kevin so successful is his ability to make light of any situation with his consistently spirited personality. According to Kevin, “I am very passionate about my work but at the same time I have to have fun. I don’t take myself or events too seriously and I have to provide levity in situations,” he said, adding, "I’m always the one to crack a joke and have fun, and that’s just so much of who I am.”

Joining Staff Care not only gave Kevin a job he thoroughly enjoys, but also led him to meet his now wife, Alaina Goldstein, Director of Recruiting for Behavioral Health. “We met after one of our Town Hall meetings back in February 2012. I initially didn’t know who she was but immediately knew I had to get to know her.” Kevin says this was his favorite memory since joining the company.

When Kevin is not hard at work, he finds joy in the simpler things in life with his family. “I love being a coach for my son’s baseball team, grilling and smoking meat, going to craft breweries, and visiting different restaurants with my wife and family.” He, his wife, and their four children live in Grapevine, Texas.

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