Infographic: AMN's Survey of Physicians Aged 55 and Older

Infographic: AMN's Survey of Physicians Aged 55 and Older

As we shared a few weeks ago here at the Staff Care Insider — your source for exclusive, insider healthcare industry news, survey, data, videos, and much more — a recent AMN Healthcare survey of physicians aged 55 and older reveals some alarming information about the future of the U.S. healthcare industry.

For instance, more than four in every 10 physicians practicing today are aged 55 and older, a sign that there are more doctors about to retire than there are younger professionals preparing to enter the workforce. For some specialties — such as pulmonology, oncology, psychiatry and cardiology — that imbalance is even more pronounced.

Knowledge is power, and one way to take a stand against this trend is to educate others about it. With that in mind, we invite you to share this new, exclusive infographic from AMN Healthcare and Staff Care, offering up the key points about America's aging physician workforce.

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Infographic: Survey of Physicians Aged 55 and Older

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