Jasmine Sulaiman, MD is Staff Care's 2016 Country Doctor of the Year

Jasmine Sulaiman, MD is Staff Care's 2016 Country Doctor of the Year

Staff Care has named Jasmine Sulaiman, MD of Cleveland, Texas as the 2016 Country Doctor of the Year, citing "her remarkable record of commitment and service."

A community-minded physician who's worked hard in support of underserved communities in the United States and Mexico, Dr. Sulaiman's modest roots and impressive academic achievements combine to exemplify "the spirit, skill, and dedication of America’s rural medical practitioners," as Staff Care leaders explained in this week's 2016 Country Doctor announcement.

“Dr. Sulaiman is all that comes between the underserved patients in her area and a healthcare crisis,” commented Health Center of Southeast Texas Executive Director Steven Racciato. “She is absolutely indispensable to the communities she serves.”

2016 Country Doctor Serves 4 Rural Texas Communities

Dr. Sulaiman "interviewed for her current position as the mainstay of healthcare in Cleveland, Texas in a local bank that had no roof, thanks to destruction wrought by Hurricane Rita," the Staff Care announcement explains.

Dr. Sulaiman "was well aware that as an associate professor of family medicine at an Ivy League-affiliated medical center, she could have her pick of virtually any primary care position in the country," the news statement continues. "She nevertheless elected to be the sole physician at the Health Center of Southeast Texas and now serves four rural Texas communities, the area hospice, and all patients who enter their doors regardless of ability to pay."

"When Dr. Sulaiman signed on at the center for comparatively low pay in 2005, Cleveland’s only hospital had just closed and access to patient care in the community was severely limited. Working out of a converted flower shop, Dr. Sulaiman began seeing 40 patients a day, and as the center’s sole physician remains on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

"The center grew rapidly and Dr. Sulaiman has since added a total of seven physician assistants and nurse practitioners, all of whom rotated through her practice during their training. The center now operates out of a 6,300-sq.-ft. facility with nine exam rooms and also operates three other clinics throughout a three-county rural service area, all supervised by Dr. Sulaiman."

“Dr. Sulaiman represents a new breed of country doctor,” said Sean Ebner, president of Staff Care. “She combines the compassion and commitment of old school physicians with the information technology and new practice paradigms of today’s doctors.”

Staff Care has presented the Country Doctor of the Year Award since 1992 in an effort to honor and exemplary physicians practicing in communities of 30,000 or less. Learn more about the Country Doctor and browse the list of past award recipients here.

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