Staff Care Leadership Spotlight: Christin Stanford, Divisional Vice President

Staff Care Leadership Spotlight: Christin Stanford

A key member of the Staff Care team since 1999, Christin Stanford has worked her way from an entry-level marketing role to the ranks of the organization’s leadership team, utilizing her expertise, perseverance, and genuine passion for healthcare staffing to help build Staff Care into the industry-leading organization it is today.

“I started working at Staff Care in January of 1999 and have been here for a little over 16 years,” Christin told us. “I have been a Divisional Vice President for 12 years now. I started as an entry-level sales member, and at that time Staff Care only had about 40 employees and we were really just looking to grow.

“It’s been super rewarding for me to see Staff Care progress to the success we’ve seen throughout the years,” she added. “We have phenomenal people here. Our leaders and our team members are so strong. I’m really motivated by my peer group and the people I work with on my teams every day.

“No matter what people have to do on their agenda, everyone is so willing to help anyone out. There is a fundamental ‘we are a team’ mindset. I love being a part of that culture.”

Texas Roots & A Musical History

Working in Staff Care’s Texas headquarters, Christin was born and raised in the Lone Star State — where she still lives with her husband and two dogs — and educated at Texas A&M University-Commerce and the University of North Texas.

“I was born in Houston and moved up to the Dallas area when I was about seven years old, and I’ve lived here ever since,” Christin told us. “I grew up in and around Greenville in East Texas, where my family still lives today.”

Boasting a diverse background, Christin began her career in the academic world, and holds a Master’s degree in vocal performance — experiences that she credits with helping her achieve success with Staff Care.

“I have my teaching certificate and taught a bit at the university. Even though we now focus on staffing and sales, I do a lot of teaching and coaching here at Staff Care. When I see that light bulb going off for someone I’m coaching with, that is so rewarding for me.

“Whether it’s training new salespeople to our industry or coaching with experienced leaders, I find that to be one of the most gratifying parts of what I do every day, and I am extremely thankful to have a use for that teaching experience.”

Christin finds satisfaction in seeing team members she’s hired or nurtured blossom into critical members of the organization.

“Looking across the organization and seeing people I’ve worked with, participating in their development and watching them grow into leaders themselves, I feel like I’ve made a difference in this organization,” she told us. “It makes me so happy after a long, hard day — that feels good.”

Thriving on Challenges and Changing Dynamics

During her time with Staff Care, Christin has seen the company grow from a small staffing agency to the nation’s leading locum tenens firm. She attributes a large part of that success to an ability to embrace and even enjoy the challenges and dynamics of the always-changing healthcare industry.

“It’s certainly not an industry where you can sit back and think you have it all figured out,” she told us. “Tomorrow there will be a new government ruling, or different changes like the Affordable Care Act. We need to figure out how to interpret those changes with the services we offer and how it will impact our customers.

“It’s important to be on the front end of market dynamics and consult with our customers on potential impacts and how they can maximize or mitigate it. Being in front of any opportunities where we can be a thought leader to our clients, perhaps launching additional service lines to meet new market needs, is a game changer.

“When you keep growing despite changes or potential obstacles, you always find yourself stronger on the other side. You’re in a better place to manage your business and help others who are going through tough times as well.”

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