Locum Leaders: Meet Staff Care's Locum Tenens Leadership Team

Locum Leaders: Meet Staff Care's Locum Tenens Leadership Team

Staff Care's status as the nation's leading locum tenens staffing and recruitment agency didn't happen overnight. In a realm with so much recent growth and new competition, it can be easy to overlook the fact that Staff Care has led the locums staffing industry for decades.

During that time, we've been fortunate enough to work under the leadership of some true visionaries — leaders who have not only helped shape our success, but the path of the locum tenens industry, as well. These are the people who have shaped Staff Care into the nation's locum tenens leader, through not only insightful industry navigation but also the nurturing and mentoring of a larger team of locums sales and recruitment professionals.

We invite you to read on for a one-on-one visit with these true locum tenens leaders — and don't hesitate to contact us today for more information on how Staff Care can help you take your health staffing plan to new levels of success.

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Meet Staff Care's Locum Tenens Leadership Team

Sean Ebner, Staff Care President

Leadership Spotlight: Sean Ebner, Staff Care PresidentResponsible for the company's operations and strategic vision, Sean has guided Staff Care to tremendous growth, with seven consecutive quarters of year-over-year growth. He enjoys the challenge of developing new products to increase the strategic value Staff Care brings to healthcare systems and physicians.

"I came to work in the healthcare industry predominately because of AMN," Sean told us. "I really liked the culture and the people. I’m kind of hardwired to win, and I want to win for people I like, respect and look up to because it makes winning more fun." Read more about Sean here.

Bonnie Britton, Senior Vice President

Leadership Spotlight: Bonnie Britton, Senior Vice PresidentAfter almost a decade with the company, Bonnie has played a tremendous role in Staff Care’s growth and achievements. "I love what I do and I love the company that I work for, so I’m highly motivated," Bonnie told us.

"The team that we have here is fabulous and I’m so proud to work with them. Everyone is so well-educated on the market and trends and it’s just a really great place to work." Hear more from Bonnie.

Christin Stanford, Divisional Vice President

Leadership Spotlight: Christin Stanford, Divisional Vice PresidentDuring her time with Staff Care, Christin has seen the company grow from a small staffing agency to the nation’s leading locum tenens firm. She attributes that success largely to the company's ability to embrace the challenges of an always-changing healthcare industry.

“It’s certainly not an industry where you can sit back and think you have it all figured out,” she told us. “Being in front of any opportunities where we can be a thought leader to our clients, perhaps launching additional service lines to meet new market needs, is a game changer.” Read more about Christin.

Jana Reed, Divisional Vice President of Primary Care, Psychiatry & Dentistry

Leadership Spotlight: Jana Reed, Divisional Vice President of Primary Care, Psychiatry & DentistryThroughout her 13-year career at Staff Care, Jana has not only learned but mastered the ins and outs of the locum tenens industry. Those around her attribute that successful rise to her joyful personality, as well as her willingness to help others at any time.

“Thousands of people are seen every day in hospitals, ER, clinics, government facilities, and prisons by Staff Care clinicians, so what we do day in and day out truly makes a difference in the lives of others.” Get to know Jana.

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