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Internal Medicine

Locum Tenens Internal Medicine Jobs

As a skilled internal medicine physician, your experience and skills are ideal for these locum tenens internal medicine jobs. Choose contracts from a few weeks to over a year and enjoy the benefits of exploring the country and creating the internal medicine career you’ve always wanted.

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Locum Tenens Internal Medicine Salaries

While salaries for locum tenens internal medicine jobs vary based on location type, shift and facility need, you’ll typically earn up to $105.00/hr.  And, you’ll also get some amazing perks while working locum tenens, including:

  • Complete state licensing assistance and payment of fees
  • Complimentary malpractice insurance
  • Provided housing and travel accommodations
  • The ability to choose facility type and locations that meet your lifestyle/goals
  • No more insurance hassles and steady, no hassle pay

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