It's All About the Service: Meet Staff Care's Locum Recruitment Team

It's All About the Service: Meet Staff Care's Locum Recruitment Team

It's no secret that Staff Care's team of versatile, highly experienced, highly knowledgeable locum tenens recruiters is the best in the business — and a big part of why we've been able to maintain our status as the nation's leading locums staffing firm for so many years.

But don't just take our word for it: We invite you to get to know each of our superstar locums recruiters, one on one. Here at the Locums Link Blog, we've made a point of shining a spotlight on these amazing individuals over the past few years. Read on to meet them — and then click their pictures to see their full profiles and interviews. And stay tuned to the Locums Link Blog for more great recruiter profiles in the future!

Meet Staff Care's Locums Recruitment Team

Michelle Chambers, Regional Director of Recruiting

Staff Care Recruiter Spotlight: Michelle ChambersWith more than 15 years of experience in locums recruitment with Staff Care, Michelle has become an expert in the physician staffing industry. She enjoys establishing a connection with each physician she works with, and relishes the opportunity to help them in any way she can.

"I really like helping my doctors," Michelle told the Locums Link Blog. "I enjoy serving as their personal agent in finding positions that make the most sense for them. I have established some very solid relationships with many of my providers." Read Michelle's full profile here.

Chris Rogers, Senior Hospitalist Recruiter

Staff Care Employee Spotlight: Chris Rogers, Senior Recruiting ConsultantA passion and drive for recruiting and helping others is the key to success for Senior Recruiting Consultant Chris Rogers, who finds gratification in knowing that the work he's doing is helping patients.

"I like the fact that I get to talk to doctors from all walks of life," Chris told us. "I had one doctor that owned a house in Malibu, California that I put on assignment in Alaska and he then bought a house up there and got into dog sledding, just because I put him on assignment up there." Get to know Chris Rogers.

Brent Meter, Senior Recruiting Consultant

Staff Care Employee Spotlight: Brent Meter, Senior Recruiting ConsultantSenior Recruiting Consultant Brent Meter translates his passion for sports into his locums recruitment role, supporting a candidate's success on assignment with the enthusiasm and dedication of a die-hard fan.

"One thing I really like is creating positive outcomes from negative beginnings," says Brent. "I enjoy finding our dentists new opportunities and witnessing the benefits of a good match." Read more about Brent.

Alaina Goldstein, Director of Recruiting, Behavioral Health

Staff Care Physician Recruiter Spotlight: Alaina GoldsteinAs Director of Recruiting for Staff Care's Behavioral Health Division, Alaina thrives on working with physicians and discovering how she can help them with their personal and professional goals.

“Now, I enjoy working with my team members, helping to train and coach them through situations and helping them to accomplish their personal goals. The most rewarding part for me is just watching my team members succeed and do well every day.” Meet Alaina here.

Antoine Garnett, Senior Recruiting Consultant

Staff Care Employee Spotlight: Antoine Garnett, Senior Recruiting ConsultantEquipped with a degree in sociology degree and a joyful disposition, Antoine's positive energy and willingness to lend a helping hand has earned him widespread respect and admiration among his fellow team members and the physicians he serves.

"One thing I learned immediately when I became a recruiter is that you've got to put your whole self into it," Antoine told us. "When you work toward creating a great bond, those physicians will work with you forever. When you show heart and talk to physicians openly, it results in a strong professional relationship." Get to know Antoine here.

Chad McArthur, Senior Recruiting Consultant

Staff Care Physician Recruiter Spotlight: Chad McArthurChad has been recruiting physicians with Staff Care since 2001 (and has worked as a recruiter in general since 1998). Starting in Staff Care’s anesthesia and radiology departments, Chad is now a key member of our family, internal medicine and pediatric physician recruitment teams.

“I really enjoy the rush of finding a doctor from the very beginning of the process, and then seeing them in their job at the healthcare facility they’re assigned to, and working with them for all the steps in between.” Read Chad's full profile here.

Gabe di Carlo, Senior Recruiting Consultant, Surgical

Staff Care Recruiter Spotlight: Gabe di CarloWith 10+ years of locum tenens recruitment experience at Staff Care under his belt, physician recruiter Gabe di Carlo has earned recognition and numerous awards for his achievements.

"Being able to help someone meet his or her professional goals is very rewarding, both personally and professionally," Gabe told us. Read our full conversation with Gabe here.

Patrick Fort, Senior Manager of Recruiting

Staff Care Recruiter Spotlight: Patrick FortAs a charter member of Staff Care's radiology team, Patrick Fort has developed an exceptional understanding of what it means to not only recruit but build productive, long-lasting relationships with locum tenens physicians.

"Many of the physicians that I work with have become like family at this point," Patrick told the Locums Link Blog. "I have been working with some of them for over 10 years! So just getting to develop and build relationships with the people around me really drives me to work my best each day at work." Meet Patrick here.

David Spann, Senior Manager of Recruiting

Staff Care Locum Tenens Recruiter Spotlight: David SpannWorking within the psychiatry placement team at Staff Care, David eagerly works each day to place locum tenens psychiatrists in a healthcare facility with a physician shortage. He finds joy not only by getting to work closely with these physicians, but also knowing that his work has a direct impact on patients in need.

"Knowing that what we do does make a difference, and knowing that we do has a positive impact on others [is] really the driving force for me," David told the Locums Link Blog. Read David's full profile here.

Noah Zimmerman, Emergency Medicine Physician Agent/Recruiter

Staff Care Emergency Medicine Recruiter Spotlight: Noah ZimmermanBeing a successful physician recruiter requires tenacity, and Noah is not only dedicated to confronting any challenges that come in his path — but also to coming out on top.

"I'm tenacious," he told us, explaining how an early job of selling vacuums door-to-door has given him a "resolve to press forward despite obstacles." Read more about Noah here.

Kristy Guillem, Director, Account Management, Surgical

Staff Care Physician Recruiter Spotlight: Kristy GuillemA member of the AMN Healthcare team since 2006, Kristy's competitive, can-do spirit has garnered her multiple honors among the Staff Care recruitment team.

“Being able to help staff hospitals and patients is what I enjoy most about working in the healthcare industry,” Kristy told us. “I enjoy the people and atmosphere — we have a good group of people here!" Read Kristy's full interview.

Brendan Arnold, Emergency Medicine Recruitment Consultant

Locum Tenens Emergency Medicine Recruitment Spotlight: Brendan ArnoldStaff Care Emergency Medicine Recruiter Brendan Arnold makes a point of nurturing genuine relationships with the EM physicians he works with every day.

“It’s so much more of a friendship than a business collaboration, when I’m working with physicians,” Brendan told us. “My goal is to establish a genuine relationship with my providers, to want to make them enjoy working with me and Staff Care as a whole.” Get to know Brendan here.

Tony Radcliffe, Director of Recruiting, Emergency Medicine/Hospital Medicine

Staff Care Emergency Medicine Staffing Leadership Spotlight: Tony RadcliffeWith a decade of staffing industry experience under his belt, Tony leads Staff Care's emergency medicine staffing and recruitment team with insight and expertise.

“I’ve always enjoyed developing people so the fact that this emphasis of development is the core piece of my role truly makes it perfect for me,” Tony says. “My greatest joy is helping others achieve promotions and grow both personally and professionally.” Meet Tony here.

Brandon Shaw, Director of Recruiting, Primary Care

Staff Care Primary Care Locums Recruitment Spotlight: Brandon ShawMeet Brandon Shaw, Director of Recruitment for our primary care division, who recently celebrated his 10-year anniversary with Staff Care.

“I feel like I’m always trying to keep a positive attitude to those around me and shed some positive light,” Brandon says. “I find it important to keep pushing others to keep them motivated, which is something that has always been natural for me and something that has always stuck with me.” Read more about Brandon.

Nicole Richardson, Director of Recruiting, Anesthesia & Radiology

Staff Care Anesthesia & Radiology Recruitment Spotlight: Nicole RichardsonBarely more than a year into her role with Staff Care, Nicole has quickly adapted to the locum recruitment industry, successfully leading her team to meet the ever-growing demands for locum tenens radiology and anesthesia professionals.

“I really enjoy getting to know the providers that have been working with us for a long time and continue to look to us for more opportunities,” says Nicole. “Hearing how much they enjoy working with my team brings me so much satisfaction and pride.” Meet Nicole here.

Brian Ishmael, Regional Vice President, Hospitalist Recruitment

Staff Care Hospitalist Recruitment Spotlight: Brian IshmaelAs a leader and mentor for Staff Care's hospital medicine recruiters, Brian is a crucial figure in our ongoing commitment to meeting the healthcare community’s increasing need for qualified, experienced locums tenens hospitalists.

“I’ve worked with some wonderful doctors," Brian told us. "There have been doctors that I’ve worked with throughout my entire 16-year career whom I still manage. Being able to meet some wonderful doctors ... and knowing that I have played a part in their career, has been very rewarding.” Read more about Brian here.

Staff Care's Locum Travel & Housing Specialists

If you've already got a relationship with a Staff Care recruiter but you're looking to travel for your next job, you'll want to get to know our locum tenens travel and housing specialists, too — your source for flight and accommodation assistance before and during your next locums assignment.

Aleida Novoa, Locum Tenens Travel Specialist

Locum Tenens Travel Specialist Spotlight: Aleida NovoaStaff Care’s Aleida Novoa brings a decades-long career in the travel industry and genuine thirst for adventure to her role as locum tenens travel specialist.

Aleida’s experience in the travel industry dates to 1991; since then, she’s worked in a variety of impressive roles that includes flight reservation specialist for Pan Am Airways, international sales agent for Delta Airlines, and executive meeting manager for Hilton San Diego Del Mar. Meet Aleida here.

Michelle Nance, Locum Tenens Housing Specialist

Staff Care Locum Housing Specialist Spotlight: Michelle NanceAs Staff Care’s locum tenens housing specialist for the Southwest region, Michelle Nance offers locum travelers a superior level of service, experience and expertise.

“The most rewarding part of my job is getting to know people, from our healthcare providers to co-workers and vendors,” Michelle told the Locums Link Blog. “Building and maintaining these great relationships is something I live by daily.” Get to know Michelle here.

Regina Louden, Locum Tenens Travel Specialist

Staff Care Locums Travel Specialist Spotlight: Regina LoudenMeet Staff Care Locum Tenens Travel Specialist Regina Louden, a highly experienced global adventurer who's truly passionate about travel planning.

A Staff Care team member since 2012, Regina’s career as a life-long travel enthusiast began as a teenager, when she and her family traveled to Japan to visit her sister and family, as well as to India to visit her brother, who was working with the Peace Corps. Read Regina's complete profile here.

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