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Ask Dr. Google? When Your Patients Seek Online Health Information

Are your patients misinformed due to some online health information they find on their own? See the best way to answer questions and talk to patients who may have “Googled” their symptoms and have additional ideas and concerns.

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Work–Life Balance for Women in Medicine

Women physicians face a number of challenges, juggling career with family and other obligations. Yet it can be done. See how several women in medicine are creating their own version of a healthy work–life balance.

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Lies Your Patients Tell You

Why do patients lie? And how do you know when they do? New research shows that patient lies and omissions are fairly common, and there are several reasons they may not be forthcoming with their clinicians.

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Five Top Trends in Primary Care

Primary care physicians, we know you’re busy, but are you staying on top of the trends in primary care today? They may very well affect your current or future practice. Here are some of the top issues and trends in primary care to be aware of as we near the end of 2018...

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Tackling Hard-to-Diagnose Diseases

What are some of the hardest diseases to diagnose, and what should a clinician do when they have difficulty reaching a diagnosis? Clinical leaders discuss some common pitfalls and provide tips and resources for improving diagnostic accuracy.

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