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Famous Physicians Who Made Huge Contributions to Medicine

During Doctor’s Day 2020, Staff Care takes a look back at the monumental work of famous physicians who changed the world of medicine.

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USMLE Step 1 Scoring Moves to Pass/Fail

The USMLE Step 1 exam for medical students will change its numerical score to pass/fall. Here’s why the change was made and what it means for medical education.

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4 Tips to Pay Off Dental School Debt

Dentists enjoy some of the best jobs in the U.S., and most incur substantial dental school debt. See how much new dentists owe, plus key tips for paying down the debt.

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15 Surprising Facts About Hospitalists

Did you know that hospital medicine is the fastest growing medical specialty? There is also a new annual day just for hospitalists. Check out these and other fun facts about the profession.

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The Best Jobs in Health Care for 2020: Where Does Yours Rank?

Where does your health care job rank? U.S. News’ annual Best Jobs list highlights the top jobs in health care, based on opportunity, salary and working conditions.

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