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Advice and Insights August 26, 2022

8 Tips for Success on Your Next Locums Assignment

Whether you are an experienced locum tenens provider or making the transition from perm to locums, you can set yourself up for early success by getting prepared for your next assignment. In most cases, you will be establishing yourself at a new facility with new coworkers, so it’s important to make a positive early impression as you navigate your first few weeks on the job. To help you start off on the right foot, we’ve compiled eight simple, yet effective tips for a fulfilling locums experience.


Best Practices to Begin Your New Locums Job

1. Conduct research on your new company

Like with any new position, putting yourself at an advantage starts with knowing your organization. You’ve likely gotten to know certain personnel through the hiring process, but there is so much more to unpack before your first day. Visiting your company’s website will help you learn more about company values, facilities, and the colleagues you will work with every day.

2. Compile contact information for your supervisor and other colleagues

The path to a smooth locums assignment starts with the relationships you build with your supervisor and coworkers. Obtaining contact information for each member of your team will help you be organized from the start and gives you the perfect opportunity to reach out and introduce yourself before your first day on site.

3. Find a safe place for all your credentials and important documents

Your licenses and other credentials will be regular fixtures in the course of your role, so keeping them handy is a must. An easy way to ensure important documentation is accessible and safe is to store them all on a personal flash drive or encrypted folder on your computer.

4. Record field notes during your first few shifts

Regardless of your previous career experience, your new assignment will expose you to a heavy flow of information in the first few weeks. You’ll be learning about your new facility, practices, and resources available to you—the best way to commit all of this information to memory is to take notes throughout your first few shifts.

5. Determine where and how scheduling is recorded

With your pay being calculated hourly, you’ll want to fully understand where your schedule is recorded, who will be signing off on your time sheet, and where you will be sending your time sheet at the end of each shift. This way, you’ll know your paycheck will be sent without discrepancies and on time. You should keep a copy of your schedule and time sheet for yourself, too, for reference.

6. Pre-check the route to your facility and the parking situation

If you are starting a locums assignment in a new location, you’ll want to get a lay of the land geographically—specifically, the route from your home to your new facility. A simple Google Maps search can show you estimated travel time for your first day, but it always helps to swing by your facility before you start to avoid any potential detours or unforeseen traffic conditions.

7. Explore your new community

Part of the beauty of working a locums assignment is the freedom it offers to explore new places around the country. Exploring your new community is incredibly exciting—trying new foods, seeing the sights, and getting involved with the people is all part of the experience. Not sure where to start? You can get the inside track by asking your colleagues and patients about local attractions, otherwise, there are plenty of online resources to discover local flavor as well.

8. Utilize Your Staff Care Support Team for any questions or concerns

One of the main benefits of working with a locums staffing company like Staff Care, is the support of a dedicated team throughout your assignment. If you have persisting questions or concerns about your role, facility, or other assignment conditions, don’t hesitate to address them with your support staff at any time. The main goal of sending you on a locums assignment is that you have a smooth and enjoyable experience while doing what you do best.

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