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Locums News November 1, 2016

Locum Tenens Dermatology Jobs & Resources for National Healthy Skin Month 2016

November is National Healthy Skin Month — and as the sun retires along with the summer and early autumn months and the cold, dry winter winds start to settle in, there's perhaps a no better time to focus on healthy skin, and the important role locum tenens dermatologists play in helping to maintain America's health.

Of course, healthy skin is the goal that dermatologists pursue throughout the year. As the physicians charged with the treatment of the body's largest and most visible organ — the skin, of course — dermatologists face a unique set of challenges in the medical workplace. Skin ailments range from the mundane — concerns about blemishes and skin beauty — to the serious — skin grafting surgery necessitated by burns, or treatments for skin cancer, the most common cancer in the United States, with around 5.4 million diagnoses each year, according to the American Cancer Society.

Like all physicians across the U.S., locum tenens dermatologists are in demand: Staff Care's 2015 Survey of Temporary Physician Staffing Trends shows that the use of locums physicians in the nation's hospitals and healthcare facilities is rapidly expanding, with 91% of surveyed healthcare facility managers reporting the use of locum physicians in 2014 (up from 73.6% in 2012) and 42% saying that they're currently seeking locum doctors (up from 32% in 2012).

So, where do locum dermatologists fit in? According to Medscape's 2015 Dermatologist Compensation Report, dermatology ranks among the top third of physician salaries with an average of $339,000. And, on average, employed dermatologists make slightly less than their self-employed counterparts. (The same report also points out that dermatology is the physician specialty with the highest career satisfaction rate, at 63%.)

Whether you're a hospital-employed or self-employed dermatologist, you'll find locum tenens job opportunities a lucrative source of additional income, as well as a great way to build experience in other settings and advance your career potential.

Locum Tenens Dermatology Jobs

Dermatology Resources For National Healthy Skin Month

Okay, the info and advice below isn't likely to tell dermatologists anything they don't already know, but can still be valuable tools in the fight to get patients more motivated and knowledgeable about everyday habits about maintaining healthy skin.

• Infographic: Tips for National Healthy Skin Month: This infographic from the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) offers common-sense (but sometimes easy-to-forget) advice for maintaining healthy skin — face, hands, feet, it's all covered. Access the infographic here.

• Skin Cancer Facts, Symptoms & Risk Factors: The American Cancer Society's skin cancer overview offers a high-level look at everything clinicians and patients should know about skin cancer at a glance, including the most common risk factors, signs, and symptoms, along with a variety of sobering facts (like the prediction that melanoma, "the most deadly type of skin cancer, will account for about 76,380 cases of skin cancer in 2016"). You can find it here.

• Easy Skin Care Tips for Patients: Florida-based skin-care Britta Aragon isn't just an "entrepreneur, safe cosmetics expert, and author," but also a Hodgkin’s lymphoma survivor. In this article for Boca Life Magazine, she offers four helpful tips on how patients can maintain healthy skin, from the amount of sun they get to the skincare products they choose. Find Britta's tips here.

• Video: Getting the Most from Skin Care Products: This video from the AAD is an easy-to-follow, multi-step process for getting maximum effectiveness from skin medication or treatment products, moisturizers, and/or sunscreen. Find it here.

• Tips for Relieving Dry Skin: Any time of year, dry skin can be not just an annoyance but a serious health issue. This comprehensive list of everyday tips goes beyond the obvious with thoughtful considerations like choosing non-irritating laundry detergent, staying warm without getting too near the fireplace, and shutting the bathroom door while showering to keep the moisture in. Get the full list here.

• Skin Care on a Budget: The AAD's rundown of how to keep your skin healthy without breaking the bank offers great insights like how to choose dual-function products and why more expensive skincare products aren't necessarily better. You can find it here.

• 6 Tips to Celebrate Healthy Skin: A cosmetic dermatology firm out of Washington, D.C. has written up a helpful list of healthy skin tips that goes beyond moisturizers and lotions to tackle larger skin problems, like a healthy diet and the importance of a good night's sleep. Get them here.

Are you seeking locum tenens dermatology job opportunities? We encourage you to contact Staff Care today to inquire about options available in your area, or search all available locum dermatology jobs here.


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