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Locums News May 15, 2017

Eye Health Resources & Locum Ophthalmology Jobs for Healthy Vision Month 2017

May is Healthy Vision Month, a time of year when the nation's health authorities focus their attention on the discussion and awareness of vision health — and its neglect by so many Americans.

"Taking care of your eyes can be a priority just like eating healthy and physical activity," points out the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in its missive on the importance of regular eye exams. "To keep your eyes healthy, get a comprehensive dilated eye exam ... It's the best way to find out if you need glasses or contacts, or are in the early stages of any eye-related diseases."

"More than 23 million Americans age 18 and older have never had an eye exam," explains the National Eye Institute (NEI). "The reason: Most say they don’t think they have an eye problem.

"In fact, many eye diseases don’t show symptoms in their early stages, so without an eye exam, they can’t know. It is projected that by 2030, 11.4 million people will have diabetic retinopathy, 4.2 million will have glaucoma, and 3.7 million will have age-related macular degeneration."

"Taking care of your eyes also may benefit your overall health," the CDC adds. "People with vision problems are more likely than those with good vision to have diabetes, poor hearing, heart problems, high blood pressure, lower back pain, and strokes, as well as have increased risk for falls, injury, and depression."

With that in mind, we offer the following rundown of patient-friendly vision health tips and resources. No matter what your specialty or practice setting happens to be, these resources could come in handy when talking with patients about general health.

Healthy Vision Month Info & Resources

Healthy Vision Month Fact Sheet from the NEIA Healthy Vision Checklist for Patients. The National Eye Institute (NEI) "encourages Americans to make their eye health a priority" with these "steps they can take to protect their vision." Find it here.

Eye Health FAQs from the CDC. From questions about cataracts and glaucoma to key points about vision loss, some of patients' most frequently asked eye health questions are answered at the CDC website.

The NEI's Healthy Vision Month Toolkit. "Help NEI spread the word about the important steps people can take to make their vision last a lifetime with this Toolkit," which includes a fact sheet, graphics, social media posts, and more. You can find it here.

The CDC's "Vision Health Initiative" Patient. This detailed synopsis of vision health from the CDC offers patients an in-depth collection of reasons to keep their eyes healthy and strong. You can find it here.

Video: Eye Health for Women. “Awareness can help women preserve their vision," says one RN about the importance of eye health in this video from the NEI. Watch it here.

Parade: "6 Proactive Steps for Protecting Your Peepers." For a splashier, possibly more patient-friendly rundown of healthy vision best practices, check out this to-the-point guide from Parade.

Healthy Contact Lens Wear and Care from the CDC. From basic tips to the science behind daily wear, the CDC offers an easy-to-peruse rundown of the basics of contact lens safety and best practices. Check it out here.

Great Ways to Spread the Word about Healthy Vision Month. From info cards and infographics to pre-written social posts and newsletter blurbs, these media resources from the NEI are great for quickly and conveniently getting the word out about Healthy Vision Month. You can Find it here.

Locum Tenens Ophthalmology Jobs, Nationwide

We've also got great locum tenens jobs for ophthalmologists across the U.S.A. Why work a locums job with Staff Care? Besides great benefits and the chance to travel (and enjoy great housing) on our dime, locums work gives you the chance to work great, career-building assignments in virtually any type of facility without having to commit to a permanent position.

"Working locum tenens allowed me to work in a wide variety of places and practices both large and small, urban and rural," writes the anonymous doc behind PhysicianonFire.com. "Fortunately, many of the places using locums would welcome the full-time services of a capable physician, and your favorite locums job could potentially transition into something more long-lasting." Learn more about the benefits of locums work here.


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