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Locums News August 28, 2021

Helpful Hints for Working with a Locum Agency

If you’re new to working with locum tenens agencies — and occasionally, even if you’re not — determining which locum agency will best represent you can be tricky.

As one of the nation’s leading locum tenens recruitment firms, Locum Leaders knows what it takes to build a strong relationship. To that end, when choosing a locum tenens agency to work with, it’s important to consider several key factors.

1. Integrity. Locum tenens agencies listed as members of the National Association of Locum Tenens Organizations (NALTO) are bound to uphold high standards and ethical guidelines to ensure that you will receive quality service. Locum Leaders is a founding member of NALTO and is also Certified by The Joint Commission. Read more about Locum Leader’s certifications here.

2. Specialization. It’s impossible for recruiters to fully understand your needs if they don’t understand the nuances of your field. At the same time, an effective locum agency must be able to obtain a broad array of opportunities in numerous specialties. At Locum Leaders, each medical specialty has an exclusive group of dedicated physician recruiters to maximize the physician’s experience while maintaining a large network of clients. Learn more about the medical specialties we staff here.

3. Communication. Communication is the most important aspect of any relationship, and the physician-recruiter partnership is no exception. Your initial impression of a locum agency’s communication skills is the most important. Are they responsive to your inquiries? Can you contact your recruiter directly? Is their website fresh and useful? Are you able to have a telephone interview with the facility before your assignment begins?

4. Confidentiality. Your CV is a precious resource in your journey to find quality locum tenens assignments. You will need to find a locum tenens agency that will ask for your permission before sending your CV to be considered by facilities. This simple step will prevent your reputation from being tarnished and will enhance your chances of landing that assignment. Read more about protecting your CV here.

5. After-Placement Services. Having services that continue after placement to ensure you are well taken care of are an important aspect of your locum tenens experience. Will the locum agency assist you with licensing, credentialing, hospital privileging, malpractice insurance, and travel arrangements?

Getting to Know Your Recruiter

Once a physician has chosen a locum agency, developing a strong relationship with a recruiter is an important step in ensuring the best possible outcome for both the doctor and the staffing firm. Here are a few key tips for maximizing this relationship:

1. Be open with your recruiter. A recruiter will not only be concerned with your job but also with what makes you happy as a person.

2. Be flexible. Variety is the spice of life, and being open to new experiences is the gateway to further development, personally as well as professionally.

3. Be responsive. It’s important to keep lines of communication active.

4. Be selective. Working with multiple agencies may be an effective way to maximize your exposure, but be sure to choose only a few quality companies and be aware of your communication responsibilities to each.

5. Maintain records. Use a portable computer to track tax information, provide your recruiter with updated paperwork and licenses, update your CV, and research future destinations.

6. Be thorough. Read each contract when accepting a new opportunity and review your malpractice insurance coverage.

7. Apply for Licenses. Additional state licenses will increase the number of opportunities a recruiter can present to you.

Working with a locum tenens agency can be one of the most beneficial experiences of a physician’s career. By taking your career on the road, you will have the opportunity to experience new places, gain new contacts, and make a name for yourself in the medical world.

Locum Leaders is committed to each and every doctor that chooses to work with us. Our expert recruiters are standing by, ready to work with you to achieve your career goals. Contact us today.

This article does not constitute official financial, insurance, or legal advice on the part of Locum Leaders.

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