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Locums News April 14, 2018

Why Work with a Locum Tenens Agency

Job hunting is not a simple undertaking. Even the most confident of physicians can feel uneasy when it comes to finding a new place to practice, or a secondary source of income.

In fact, advanced practitioners and physician job seekers often wonder:

  • "Where can I find a position that fits my skills?"
  • "How will I recognize the best opportunities?"
  • "What if I just want a temporary or part-time gig?"
  • "What if I don’t have the time to search for jobs?"

A recruiting consultant from a locum tenens company can usually provide the answers.

Locum tenens agencies like Staff Care have relationships with a variety of healthcare facilities and the expertise to connect physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants with the best temporary job opportunities.

They work to match candidates with the ideal options for their professional and personal goals, including desired location, schedule, and clinical setting.

Agency recruiters can also help prepare locum candidates for interviews, handle the logistics for their assignments, and even pay for their housing and travel expenses, when applicable—all without charging job seekers a fee.

A few practitioners may try their hand at finding locum jobs on their own, but don’t realize all they could be missing.

5 advantages of working with a locum tenens agency:

Full-service locum tenens agencies like Locum Leaders offer a number of benefits for clinical jobseekers:

1. Access to more jobs and consistent work

Locum tenens agencies represent multiple opportunities regionally and nationally, which means that you’ll have more job options—and not just starting out Healthcare employers rely on agencies to fill their temporary staffing needs, and locum tenens recruiters can work ahead to help you stay busy and avoid downtime between assignments.

2. Varied options for experience

Practitioners who work with an agency can enjoy a wide variety of locum tenens jobs that differ geographically and in terms of practice style. Opportunities may include part-time or full-time jobs, at facilities ranging from medical groups to major teaching hospitals to rural clinics caring for the underserved. And clinicians may choose assignments that keep them close to home or allow them to experience different parts of the country.

3. Career placement expertise

Locum tenens recruiters often specialize in certain medical specialties, making them the best prepared to find appropriate opportunities in your field. They can help you round out your CV with carefully chosen assignments that expose you to new technology, best practices, and even mentoring opportunities. DISCOVER career opportunities for residents and fellows.

4. Time-saving services and support

After a get-to-know-you consultation and a review of your information, your locum tenens recruiter can take the job-hunting burden off your shoulders as he or she works on your behalf. Your recruitment team will also provide a range of support services that can save you considerable time and energy. This allows you to maintain focus on your current practice as well as the personal aspects of your daily life.

5. Job benefits and services

Full-service locum tenens agencies like Staff Care offer a number of benefits for clinical jobseekers:

  • Expert job placement services – at no cost to you
  • Credentialing, privileging, and licensure assistance
  • Professional liability insurance coverage
  • Free housing for assignments
  • Paid travel to assignments
  • Relocation assistance for you and your family
  • Assignment orientation and ongoing support

Freelance physicians and advanced practitioners don’t have to face the job market alone. While locum tenens are considered independent contractors, those seeking short-term or long-term assignments can find a number of benefits working with a locum tenens agency. 

STAFF CARE is ready to work for you! As a company of AMN Healthcare, we can connect you with more job opportunities and the best staffing services in the industry.


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