Locum Tenens Emergency Medicine Recruitment Spotlight: Brendan Arnold

Locum Tenens Emergency Medicine Recruitment Spotlight: Brendan Arnold

When working in a fast-paced setting like the locums staffing industry, it can be a challenge for recruiters to not only meet all the needs of candidates and clients, but also establish real, two-way relationships with the people on the other side of the phone.

Truly exceptional physician recruiters, however, thrive on creating those types of relationships, and on creating as welcoming and communicative environment as possible — recruiters like Brendan Arnold, a recruitment consultant for Staff Care's Emergency Medicine Division.

Those who have the pleasure of speaking with Brendan instantly notice his warm and genuine personality, characteristics cited by both his colleagues and the providers he works with. Each time Brendan picks up the phone, he does so with a genuine interest in making new friendships, as well as nurturing the many relationships he already has as a busy emergency medicine recruiter.

‘A True Blessing to Join’ Staff Care’s Emergency Medicine Recruitment Team

Brendan’s path to emergency medicine recruitment began when he moved to Texas (after growing up in Springfield, Missouri and attending the University of Kansas).

“My brother-in-law started a dry wall business and upon graduation of college he reached out to me about working with him so I moved to Dallas and started there,” he said, adding, “I never thought I’d live in Texas but I couldn’t be more thrilled to be here.”

It wasn’t long after Brendan moved to Texas that his skills were noticed by representatives of AMN Healthcare, and he was soon working in the physician recruiter for Staff Care.

For any newcomer recruiter at Staff Care, starting out can be somewhat challenging; however, Brendan rose to the challenge and consistently worked as hard as he could.

“I started out in the surgery division very briefly, and immediately had to jump in with a team of 18 people,” Brendan recalled. “It was challenging in the beginning, trying to establish myself in this group, but I consistently worked above and beyond what was asked of me.”

Brendan was ready when the opportunity came to work with the new emergency medicine recruitment division.

“When it was determined that Staff Care was going to establish an emergency medicine division, I was given the opportunity to move to that team,” he told us. “I was the fourth recruiter to join that division and was a true blessing to join that team and work with the other fantastic members of the group.”

As a new recruiter Brendan learned early on that the way to be most successful in his work was to ask for help from his co-workers who had been with the company longer than him. Seeing how generous others were when he asked for help made him extremely appreciative of working with his team members, and he vowed to do the same when others approached him for help.

“Being a new recruiter in the industry, I learned quickly that the easiest way to really understand my role was to ask questions from the other, more tenured recruiters. I work with some amazing individuals that were consistently helping me when I needed it, which I took to heart when others came to me asking for help. I couldn’t believe how gracious everyone I work with was, and continues to be.

“I have referred to my co-workers as my ‘work family,’ and we’ve all been through many life experiences together,” Brendan adds. “It makes going into work enjoyable, to know that no matter what comes your way, you’re not going through it alone.”

Working with Physicians ‘More of a Friendship than a Business Collaboration’

Always eager to learn more about each healthcare provider’s situation, Brendan is a natural communicator, thriving off of speaking with others. Throughout his career with Staff Care, Brendan has grown to appreciate the opportunity to work with providers on a daily basis, and enjoys building relationships with each of them.

“It’s so much more of a friendship than a business collaboration, when I’m working with physicians,” Brendan said. “My goal is to establish a genuine relationship with my providers, to want to make them enjoy working with me and Staff Care as a whole.”

One of the greatest joys that Brendan has in his work is when he hears that the physicians he works with enjoy working with him as much as he does with them. He recalled one physician in particular that made him feel especially humbled.

“One of the physicians, Dr. Joanne Blow, who is a pediatric emergency medicine physician, said in one of our surveys that she knows how much I care about her and her family, which is all extremely true, and was great to hear,” he said, adding, “She also mentioned three other credentialing members and one account representative that she works with, further proving the cohesive team/family aspect from Staff Care that she has positive experiences with.”

“It was great to feel like she was feeling what I was feeling, so we had an all-encompassing positive relationship and was very complimentary to all parties involved. It was very humbling and prideful at the same time,” he said.

When Brendan is not establishing relationships with emergency medicine physicians and providers at the office or spending time with his wife and two children, he enjoys playing the piano and competitive tennis, which he has played since he was a young boy.

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