Locum OB/GYN Spotlight: National Cervical Health Awareness & Birth Defects Prevention Month

Spotlight on Locums OB/GYN for National Cervical Health Awareness & Birth Defects Prevention Month

Every January, the American healthcare industry turns its attention on two issues highlighting the importance of obstetrician/gynecologists (OB/GYN) nationwide. This year, to mark National Cervical Health Awareness Month and Birth Defects Prevention Month, we're exploring the role, salary and career prospects of locum tenens ob/gyn physicians.

So, just where do ob/gyn doctors stand in the healthcare industry? As the healthcare practitioners tasked with handling pregnancy and birth (obstetrics) and non-pregnant female reproductive health (gynecology), the importance of these doctors is fundamental not just within the healthcare realm, but to the general population throughout the year.

And the growing demand for these professionals — particularly for locum tenens ob/gyn doctors — testifies to that importance. Quoting Travis Singleton, Senior Vice President of Merritt Hawkins — a leading physician staffing firm and, like Staff Care, a company of AMN Healthcare — Carol Peckham points out in Medscape's 2016 Ob/Gyn Compensation Report that "the migration to hospital medicine has shrunk the candidate pool" for Ob/Gyn doctors, thereby increasing demand.

As Staff Care's 2017 Survey of Temporary Physician Staffing Trends points out, more than one out of every 10 ob/gyn physicians chooses to relocate to a different setting each year, further highlighting the importance of locum tenens OB/GYN doctors to fill an increasing amount of gaps in care.

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In terms of general salary and compensation, the Medscape report reveals that doctors specializing in obstetrics and gynecology fall roughly within the median on the physician compensation spectrum. "When asked about their compensation for patient care, ob/gyns were slightly below the middle ($277,000), as was true in last year's report, though their compensation was higher than in 2015 ($249,000)," writes Carol Peckham in the report.

When it comes to year-on-year salary increases, though, ob/gyn physicians rank in the top tier of all doctors, with a 10% increase in income in 2016, Peckham points out.

"When asked what they attributed their increases to, most ob/gyns responded that they were working more hours, had experienced an increase in patient volume, received raises, or changed jobs or positions," Peckham adds.

In addition, the highest earnings for ob/gyns "were reported in the Southwest ($307,000), the North Central region ($301,000), and the West ($292,000), while the lowest were in the Mid-Atlantic ($253,000) and the Northwest ($259,000)," she adds. "Ob/gyns who make the most are in healthcare organizations ($306,000) and single-specialty group practices ($298,000)."

National Cervical Health Awareness Month

January is Cervical Health Awareness Month by decree of the U.S. Congress, reports the National Cervical Cancer Coalition (NCCC), which also points out that "nearly 13,000 women in the United States are diagnosed with cervical cancer each year."

If that sounds like grim news, we can take heart in the fact that cervical cancer "is virtually always preventable with vaccination and appropriate screening (Pap and HPV tests)," as the NCCC points out. Visit the NCCC's website for more information on promoting cervical health and for Cervical Health Awareness Month resources.

National Birth Defects Prevention Month

According to the National Birth Defects Prevention Network (NBDPN), the theme for this year's National Birth Defects Prevention Month is “Prevent to Protect: Prevent Infections for Baby’s Protection.”

“We know that not all birth defects can be prevented,” the NBDPN website explains. “But, we also know that women can increase their chances of having a healthy baby by reducing their risk of getting an infection during pregnancy.” You can find more information and resources about National Birth Defects Prevention Month at the NBDPN's website.

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