Locum Tenens Staffing News & Updates: Autumn 2015

Locum Tenens Staffing News & Updates: Autumn 2015

At Staff Care, our mission is not only to provide employers with easy access to the nation's leading network of physicians and advanced practitioners — it's also about making sure you have the best possible information about the healthcare industry at all times, to best make the most informed hiring and scheduling decisions.

Since we're proponents of the fact that better information means better business, we'd like to share some of the more insightful locum tenens industry headlines from recent months.

Navigating the 'Talent Wars' with Locum Tenens

A recent report from Staffing Industry Analysts predicts the continuing growth of healthcare revenues in the United States, with locum tenens staffing a notable segment of that business.

That news is "significant for buyers in healthcare facilities because it tells them they should be working with their staffing suppliers closely to monitor the supply of these healthcare professionals and create opportunities to increase supply, recruiting and retention efforts," the report states. "Take note of the peaks and valleys in the cycle to prepare your company for success as the talent wars continue."

Amen! We encourage representatives of healthcare staffing facilities to contact us to discuss any of these issues, as well as to ensure that you've a plan for meeting physician staffing needs now and in the future.

Tips for Managing Locum Tenens from Optometry Times

Optometry industry journal Optometry Times recently published a guide to evaluating a practice's need for recruiting locum tenens help — and how to proceed in the case that it does.

"Be clear with yourself and your locum about your expectations around productivity, clinical testing, and staff support," writes Barbara L. Reiss, OD, FAAO in the article. "While you should certainly expect your locum to know the elements of an exam that are required by state law, he may not be familiar with any special elements that are required by specific insurances you accept. Make a checklist of documentation you want to ensure that each exam is complete."

The article also includes a particularly insightful list of 11 elements to consider when discussing productivity with a potential locum, including:

  • How many full exams do you schedule per day?
  • In which aspects of your practice you get directly involved, versus delegating?
  • What pre-testing is performed by the doctor, versus the staff?

"If you think of someone you bring into your office as a 'temp,' a warm body who sits in your office and sees patients on days you can’t be there, you’ll get a minimally productive worker who counts the hours till lunch or time to go home," Reiss writes. "But if you hire a colleague — someone you like, trust, and feel comfortable working with—you’ll have an extra pair of hands when you need them, which is an invaluable asset."

Locum Tenens Primer from the American Society of Anesthesiologists

The American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA) recently offered a handy guide to the use of locum tenens in anesthesiology, which covers basic questions about whether a number of situations allow for the use of locum tenens, as well as a wealth of information on how Medicare figures into the equation. Check out the article here.

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