Locum Tenens Video: Healthcare's Pinch Hitters

Locum Tenens Video: Healthcare's Pinch Hitters

This locum video — a Staff Care exclusive — takes a novel approach to explaining how locum tenens physicians and practitioners are increasingly filling a much-needed role within today's healthcare industry, serving as "pinch hitters" who step up to the plate when permanent staff are unavailable.

As most healthcare industry observers are well aware, more and more hospitals, medical groups, community health centers and other healthcare facilities utilizing locum tenens professionals to meet staff shortages (fueled in no small part by the nation's ongoing physician shortage). Concurrently, more healthcare professionals are embracing the advantages of locum tenens work, meaning that more locums professionals are available than ever before.

As the video below points out, locum tenens doctors are now a permanent part of the healthcare workforce, with three-fourths of healthcare facilities reporting that they're utilizing these versatile professionals — a number that grows with each new edition of Staff Care's Survey of Temporary Physician Staffing Trends.

"A novelty 20 years ago, locum tenens physicians are a common component of medical staffs today," the video explains. And of course, representative of this industry-wide shift is the additional fact that today's locums professionals aren't just doctors — they're also dentists, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and nurse anesthetists (CRNAs), all of whom are available to healthcare employers via Staff Care's locums staffing services.

Locum Video: Healthcare's Pinch Hitters

We invite you to check out our exclusive locum video for even more insights into the benefits of staffing locum professionals. And, while we're the first to celebrate the growing and now almost universal acceptance of locum tenens, we're also the first to point out the benefits of choosing a locum staffing firm with decades of experience and expertise — essential in a locums staffing marketplace that's becoming increasingly crowded as more and more companies seek to capitalize on the growing popularity and usefulness of these versatile healthcare professionals.

If you're interested in discussing how locums staffing services can benefit your organization, we encourage you to contact a Staff Care representative today. We'll be happy to discuss solutions to your staffing needs now, and in the years to come.

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