Locum Travel Tips: How to Stay Healthy while Traveling

Staff Care Locum Travel Tips: How to Stay Healthy while Traveling

For decades, Staff Care has connected clinicians — including physicians, PAs, NPs, CRNAs and dentists — with premium locum tenens assignments nationwide. Healthcare professionals who embrace the travel aspect of locums work get to experience the thrill and stimulation of travel while also expanding their career horizons and helping communities in need of quality care. Travel doesn’t always come easy, though! With that in mind, we offer these 8 locum travel tips to help you stay healthy while you’re on the road.

How to Stay Healthy while Traveling: 8 Locum Travel Tips

1. Adopt a travel exercise routine. Find a workout routine that you can easily do in your hotel room, or in a small local gym. Many hotels have small fitness centers on premises; others sometimes partner with full-service, off-site gyms, providing free memberships to guests. Inquire with your hotel about the options they have available.

2. Select a hotel that's near hiking or biking trails. Prefer to get your exercise outdoors? Do some investigating about the location you’re traveling — find a local park, or lakefront, with trails to hike, jog or bicycle. (Most towns and cities have these in abundance; check the tourism websites or even an online map of the area.) If you can find a hotel near one of these trails, you’ll have almost-instant access to a great fitness option.

3. Consider staying at a hotel with a kitchen. Some hotels have ensuites with kitchen appliances, meaning you can store food and cook at your leisure. This gives you the healthier option of shopping at local markets then preparing your own food rather than dining out for every meal.

4. Find a hotel near a healthy grocery store. Especially if you exercise option #3 to cook your own food, you’ll want to live in a location where healthy foods are easily accessible. Find a hotel near a whole food market and you’ll make it even easier to maintain a healthy diet. Don’t forget to check out the local farmer’s market, too — virtually every town has one, and bigger cities usually have a number of them throughout the week.

5. Do some yoga during your layover. If you have a long layover, use it as an opportunity to relieve some stress! Many airports now offer dedicated yoga spaces for travelers — including San Francisco International Airport, Chicago’s O’Hare and Midway airports, Vermont’s Burlington International Airport and Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW) International Airport, according to USA Today.

DFW “is producing its own instruction video for its newest yoga studio, located beneath the Skylink escalators by Gate E31,” the USA Today article adds. “DFW’s other yoga studio is near Gate D40 in the connecting hallway between Terminals B and D.” Not flying to one of the airports on our list? A simple Internet search will quickly reveal whether the airport you’re connecting in has a yoga space, too.

6. Get enough sleep! Between work and exploring a new city, it can be easy to neglect your well-needed sleep. Under any circumstances, sleep is a crucial factor to maintain good health — but it’s especially important when faced with the excitement of learning the ins and outs of a new assignment as well as a new location. No matter what your personal or professional schedule, be sure to schedule enough time for a good night’s rest!

7. Wash your hands frequently. This basic step will help you keep harmful germs at bay. Consider keeping some hand sanitizer with you, as well.

8. Be flexible! Whether it’s travel, work, or some other leisure activity, remember — plans don’t always work out the way we want! To maintain a healthy and positive outlook, try not to stress out too much about things that go wrong. And if anything does go awry, remember to contact your Staff Care travel consultant — we’re always happy to help!

More Locum Travel Tips

At Staff Care, we encourage our professionals to get the most out of their assignments and embrace the adventure of locum tenens travelers. If you have other tips for exploring a new city to add to our list, we’d love to hear them! Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+ and join the conversation!

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