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Finding the best physician, advanced practice and dentistry clinicians can be tough without the right partner. Staff Care’s proud history as a top locum tenens staffing firm makes both the facility search and candidate job search process streamlined and efficient, filling the needs of healthcare facilities of all sizes, specialties, commitment times, and locations (urban and rural areas) with qualified clinicians for onsite facilities, telehealth services and powerful locum job search options for candidates.

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Facilities of Any Size

When you work with Staff Care, you get the power of a locum tenens staffing firm with a database of licensed, vetted clinicians who can work on a moment’s notice. No matter the size or type of hospital, our clients and clinician specialists from the worlds of academic medicine, specialty needs, and independent facilities know we can get them the critical personnel they need to continue delivering excellent patient care.

Small Medical Practice Assistance

Whether you operate a solo private practice or group practice with specialty clinicians, Staff Care’s reach as a locum tenens staffing company can help you find the right personnel to compensate for any contingency, including flu season, clinician vacations, burnout concerns, high birth rate months, and more. As a provider of temporary or long-term personnel, the candidates we source for locum tenens jobs are ready to help keep practices thriving across the nation.

Growing Outpatient Surgery Centers

With the proliferation of new outpatient surgery facilities, the need for nimble solutions for temporary and on-demand personnel can fluctuate from week to week. With Staff Care’s experience as a leading locum tenens staffing company, we can help you meet the varied needs of your facility with the amazing skillsets of vetted, ready-to-work specialty physicians, advanced practice candidates and dentistry professionals searching for their next great locum tenens jobs.

Large Medical Groups

As your medical group expands in size, it’s natural to have “growing pains.” That’s where Staff Care’s reach as a locum job and staffing firm can help. We have technologies that help you understand the right patient to clinician ratio, take care of all billing, and provide credentialing and payroll services. With our comprehensive set of solutions, you can concentrate on the things that really matter, like innovation and growing staff skillsets, whether you have a handful of associates or hundreds.

Correctional Facilities

Incarcerated men and women are more likely to be in worse mental and physical health than the general population. Staff Care clinicians enable correctional facilities of all sizes to deliver expert healthcare to their prison population.

Indian Health Facilities

The health and welfare of Native Americans is an important part of preserving our nation’s earliest settlers. As no ask is too big or small, Staff Care’s locum staffing firm proudly works in concert with IHS to provide direct medical and public health services to members of federally-recognized Native American Tribes and Alaska Native peoples. Through this ongoing partnership, we bring qualified personnel to all areas of the country.

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