Locums Travel Specialist Spotlight: Regina Louden

Staff Care Locums Travel Specialist Spotlight: Regina Louden

Get to know your travel representatives: Staff Care’s team of experienced, dedicated travel specialists are your source for all the arrangements you need when traveling to and from your locum tenens assignments.

Does your next locums assignment involve hitting the road? Meet Regina Louden, a locum tenens travel specialist who is truly passionate and knowledgeable about travel planning.

A Staff Care team member since 2012, Regina’s career as a life-long travel enthusiast began as a teenager, when she and her family traveled to Japan to visit her sister and family, as well as to India to visit her brother, who was working with the Peace Corps.

Spanning three months and 16 countries, this trip around the world would prove to be very influential to Regina — and it was only the beginning of a life and career spent embracing the wonders and excitement of travel.

A Locums Travel Specialist with a Lifetime’s Worth of Amazing Adventures

After college, Regina moved to Germany, where she worked as a program director for the U.S. Army. Here she led U.S. military members on wine-tasting tours along the Rhine and the Moselle, in the heart of Western Europe’s most celebrated wine country. She also organized bus tours to Oktoberfest in Munich, as well as to many of the region’s historical castles.

After returning to the U.S., she began a new career as a travel agent, working to help arrange travel for both leisure and corporate accounts.

During this time, Regina also returned to Europe frequently, serving as an escort for art and religious tours to Italy. She also arranged her share of American-based travel, including planning and escorting art and shopping trips to Chicago.

Over a lifetime of traveling, Regina has accumulated a truly awe-inspiring list of favorite destinations, which includes:
•    Exploring Bora Bora
•    Cruising the Italian Riviera
•    Getting her scuba certificate in Grand Cayman
•    Experiencing an exotic animal safari in Kenya — along with a balloon ride at sunrise to watch the herds of giraffes and gazelles

Photo by Regina Louden, Locums Travel Specialist

When she’s not traveling, Regina enjoys gardening and walking in her home in San Diego, as well as planning for her next big adventure. (Next on the list: Journeying through the Panama Canal next winter!)

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