Locums Video: Making a Difference with Locum Tenens Work

Locums Video: Making a Difference with Locum Tenens Work | Staff Care

Welcome to Staff Care's Locum Tenens Video Series, where a panel of seasoned physicians discuss the issues facing today's healthcare workforce (and locum professionals in particular). Check out other locum videos here.

"Once you enter a hospital facility, you can always make a difference ... even though you're there perhaps for just a temporary amount of time."

In this exclusive locum tenens video from Staff Care, Dr. Rama Rao describes how locum tenens workers are sometimes called upon to go above and beyond their traditional roles in the healthcare workplace to truly make a difference in a healthcare facility and the patients it treats.

Dr. Rao tells the story of a locums assignment in Georgia — a high-level role that involved student teaching as well as a voice in "revamping the entire psychiatric consultation service." He also explains how the challenges presented by that particular locum assignment inspired him to approach healthcare from a new angle. "It was a very rewarding experience," Dr. Rao says.

Video: Making a Difference with Locum Tenens Work


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