Meeting Flu Season Staffing Needs with Locum Workers

Meeting Flu Season Staffing Needs with Locum Workers

Early December is National Influenza Vaccination Week, which means we're in the midst of another flu season. In fact, the season traditionally hits its peak in December, as reported by the American Academy of Pediatrics, which pointedly urges healthcare providers to help ensure that patients visit you for yearly influenza vaccinations, rather than for a sick child.

Maintaining a full, flexible staff of physicians and clinicians can be a challenge during any time of year, but in the winter flu season it can be particularly so. This season's flu outbreak is anticipated to be less severe than some in recent years — like the 2014-2015 season, for instance. But as the first reports of flu season deaths begin to appear, and with some regions in the U.S. bracing for higher-than-usual flu activity, it's still difficult to predict exactly how the season will play out.

As a healthcare employer or administrator, flu season is nothing new for you. What you may be less aware of, however, is that solutions to the influx of flu patients is readily available via locum tenens staffing.

Locum tenens workers — usually doctors, nurse practitioners and physician assistants, working across all medical specialties — can help hospitals and employers help stay on top of potential spikes in flu patients. During peak usage periods, locum tenens physicians can handle patient overflow and forestall impatience with lengthy doctor appointment times (which sometimes leads to patients seeking care elsewhere). By leveraging locum workers, healthcare facilities can continue to provide efficient healthcare delivery during these busy periods, without hiring permanent physicians or overworking the current staff.

The Benefits of Staffing Locum Workers During Flu Season

Utilizing locum workers as part of a forward-thinking healthcare staffing plan is always a good idea. During flu season, however, locum workers from Staff Care can specifically help by:

  • Providing end-to-end coverage, including a thorough cost/benefits analysis during the planning phase
  • Providing qualified physicians to fill-in during challenging times (like flu season)
  • Filling part-time physician openings in a matter of days
  • Filling gaps your facility has while searching for permanent physicians
  • Testing the viability of hiring for a new staff position or specialist
  • Best-in-class Vendor Management Software (VMS) technology platform

To discuss your locum staffing needs for flu season — or for any other healthcare recruitment issue — we encourage you to contact us here. For immediate staffing needs, you can also fill out a locum staffing request at the form on this page.

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