Moonlighting Jobs for Medical Residents: Locum Tenens Urgent Care Job Opportunities

Moonlighting Jobs for Medical Residents: Locum Tenens Urgent Care Job Opportunities

As more medical residents seek to get an early start on their careers — or to simply bolster their income during what can be a difficult time financially — moonlighting jobs for residents are becoming more available nationwide.

In our initial report on moonlighting job prospects for medical residents a year ago — read it here for a great overview of the benefits residents can gain from working moonlighting jobs — we discussed the scarcity of moonlighting job prospects for residents. Since then, there have been some encouraging developments: We're now pleased to announce that we're recruiting medical residents for select urgent care jobs throughout the United States.

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There are a few caveats, however: Residents must be in their third year of residency to be considered. They must also obtain permission from their residency directors — which is standard practice for residents to seek moonlighting jobs, in any case. (Put in other terms, a resident would not be advised to seek any sort of outside employment without clearing it with his or her director.)

"To be approved for moonlighting, most residents must obtain written consent from the residency's program director, as well as clearly define their moonlighting goals and objectives," as Elizabeth Kwo, MD, MBA put it in a 2012 article for Medscape. "Residency programs may also withdraw moonlighting privileges if the activity interferes with the resident's patient responsibilities and performance.

If you clear these hurdles, however, you'll find that moonlighting as a resident is a great way to bolster your career prospects. For starters, it can provide great insight into the difficult choice of selecting that all-important first physician job by providing some real-life experience in a medical setting. It's also a clear resume-booster for gaining a particularly competitive job. Read more about the benefits of moonlighting jobs for residents here.

Moonlighting Jobs for Medical Residents: More Opportunities than Ever

So, what's behind this growth in moonlighting jobs for medical residents? The need for urgent care physicians has grown dramatically in recent years, and this need is even more pronounced during the busy holiday and flu season, where the number of patients tends to rise, as does the amount of clinicians on leave or who take leaves of absences.

Resources for Medical Residents and Fellows from Staff CareThe changes in America's healthcare structure have also fueled a dramatic growth in the amount of urgent care centers nationwide. This growth began in the 1990s, fueled by "frustration over long waits in the emergency room (for non-emergency care), and a reduction in available primary care appointments (often resulting in patients waiting for weeks to see their primary care physician)," according to the American Academy of Urgent Care Medicine (AAUCM).

Since 2008, the number of urgent care facilities "has increased from 8,000 to 9,300," the AAUCM adds. "The public’s desire for immediate access to medical care has been the driving force behind this monumental growth."

All this leads to increased demand for physicians to work locum tenens urgent care jobs nationwide — a perfect opportunity for residents seeking moonlighting job opportunities. If you're a medical resident interested in getting an early start to your career via moonlighting opportunities, we encourage you to search all locum tenens urgent care jobs here.

Locum Urgent Care Jobs

Even more to the point behind this growth in job opportunities for medical residents, the ongoing physician shortage has created a greater need for physicians than ever before, particularly in rural areas. And this is leading to some structural changes in America's healthcare system. "Many states offer grants and stipends to medical students and residents willing to do clinical rotations in parts of their states where doctors are needed most," as PBS reported in June.

Arkansas, Kansas and Missouri have also recently passed laws "to allow unmatched graduates to work in medically underserved areas without doing a residency," as STAT news explains. With this in mind, Staff Care is now equipped to place certain medical residents in moonlighting jobs based on need and state permissions. If you're a resident wondering what moonlighting job prospects are available for you, urgent care or otherwise, we encourage you to contact us today.

If you're a resident seeking moonlighting job opportunities this holiday season, or into the future, urgent care centers need your this holiday season! You can view all our urgent care jobs here, or contact us directly via this form.

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