Local Engines for Healthier Communities: Staff Care Supports National Health Center Week 2014

Local Engines for Healthier Communities

Community Health Centers around the country need your support now more than ever, which is why Staff Care is lending its support to National Health Center Week, August 10-16, 2014. This is a nationwide event recognizing the key contributions to quality, accessible care made by America’s Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs).

As a sponsor of the event, Staff Care will be supporting celebration activities at two FQHCs, including Family Health Center in Kalamazoo, Michigan and Sea Mar Community Health Center in Seattle, Washington. Activities at the two FQHCs will feature health fairs, children’s games, and various educational and vendor booths. Staff Care executives will speak on the central role FQHCs play in providing quality, affordable care to medically underserved populations.

“We are proud to be a part of efforts to recognize the key role FQHCs play in providing high-quality, accessible care to underserved populations,” said Bonnie Britton, Senior Vice President of Staff Care. “That role will only expand as more patients seek out care that is local, reliable, and affordable.”

Because these health centers are strictly located in areas of poverty, 70 percent of its patients are below the federal poverty level, with a majority of these individuals being insured with Medicaid. This number will only continue to increase when individuals newly insured by the ACA will be eligible for Medicaid and will seek healthcare services at local community health centers.

Staff Care Supports National Health Center Week 2014

According to the National Association of Community Health Centers, by providing healthcare to individuals that typically doesn’t have the finances to afford it, health centers provide huge benefits to American citizens including:

  • Efficient and cost-effective care to reduce emergency room visits and avoidable hospital stays,which increases savings for the entire health care system.
  • Better preventive care Reduced infant mortality by as much as 40 percent in addition to reducing rates of low birth weight.
  • Saves the Medicaid program as much as 30 percent.

At Staff Care, we understand that thousands of health centers and many other facilities operate in underserved areas where it can be difficult to find quality physician candidates. We are proud to celebrate National Health Center Week.

Learn more about our physician recruitment services as part of the Value in Staffing (Vis) program that provides many options from which to choose depending on the needs of each health center.

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