New Survey Reveals 74 Percent of Healthcare Facilities Use Locum Tenens

Survey Reveals 74 Percent of Healthcare Facilities Use Locum Tenens

Staff Care has released its 2013 Survey of Temporary Physician Staffing Trends. This annual report, based on data collected from healthcare executives, locum tenens physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants nationwide, also examines trends revealed by temporary physician staffing assignments Staff Care conducted in 2012.

The closely watched physician survey, now in its 10th year, reveals the prevalence of locum tenens physicians in medical facilities; why a growing number of physicians are choosing to practice locum tenens; and what types of clinicians are most in demand by Staff Care’s clients.

This year, new questions were added to the survey to gauge the growing effect of healthcare reform on temporary physician staffing trends, with some interesting results.

Some of the key findings of Staff Care’s survey include:

  • The primary use of locum tenens is to fill in for physicians who have left, with 58 percent of respondents indicating they have used locum tenens physicians to fill in for physicians who have left their facility. As physician employment increases, so does turnover, and an increasing demand for locum tenens to fill in the gaps.
  • Healthcare reform is providing new reasons for healthcare facilities to use locum tenens physicians. Five percent indicated they used locum tenens providers as a stopgap measure while transitioning to an employed physician model; four percent said they use locum tenens to cover absences for electronic medical record (EMR) training.
  • For the second consecutive year, and for the fifth time in the past six years, primary care (family practice, general internal medicine, and pediatrics) was the specialty area in greatest demand, accounting for 24 percent of total days requested. Behavioral health clinicians were second in demand, accounting for 18 percent of total clinician days requested in 2012.

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